Cities on Thursday and was seeking the extradition of

You’re free to draw your own conclusions about what that says about this team, but you’re sure to hear some people breaking out the evergreen “Same Old Jets” moniker in the next few days. That’s not fair, though. Those old Jets never got your hopes up quite this high before kicking you in the groin..

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The animals, out cold from anesthesia, lie perfectly still atop a table while an MRI technician performs the scan.Dylan was not the only dog to get an MRI that day outside Hometown Animal Hospital. Vinny, an 11 year old Yorkshire terrier from Naples, needed a kidney scan to help find the cause of an abnormal blood test.Jake, a 12 year old Yorkie mix and canine cancer survivor from Miami Lakes, recently stopped eating. The scan will show whether his cancer has returned.FOR THE RECORD CORRECTION PUBLISHED FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2007An article on Page 1 of some editions of the Dec.

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