During cross examination, Greylek wants to know why such a

Special Victims Unit Episode 10

Benson and Stabler interview Kelly, a rape victim who was uk canada goose found wondering around canada goose outlet new york city Central Park partially clothed before passing out. She tells the detectives she needs to be in Korea on Friday. Stabler tells her it is Friday and she’s lost her sense of time. She can’t remember what day it is or even her attack.

As Kelly begins to canada goose jacket outlet piece together the day she was attacked, Benson asks her if she remembers running canada goose outlet in usa into anybody familiar. She remembers seeing canada goose outlet parka a former friend on canada goose outlet online the subway, Riley. As a result, Riley was fired. Riley tells canada goose outlet detectives he has an alibi the night of Kelly’s attack. He also informs them that Kelly never paid for her travel trips. They were paid for by a courier service.

The courier service informs the detectives that Kelly was transporting $700,000 worth of diamonds overseas. Stabler and Benson check out airport surveillance. Kelly did check her bags, then Canada Goose online headed to the bar for a drink. There, she met a guy, and as she wasn’t looking, it looked like Kelly’s drink was spiked. Moments later, another camera caught the two hailing a cab together. Kelly’s bags remained at the airport. Benson and Stabler find the man at the bar, Eric, and pay him a visit. He admits to having sex with her, but says she was out of his place before he woke up. They find Kelly’s bag of diamonds and take it with them as evidence.

Kelly flips out when she sees canada goose black friday sale Eric and she accuses him of raping her. He tells Stabler that the sex was completely consensual. Kelly tells Benson she can’t even recall going home with Eric. Meanwhile, Kelly’s Canada Goose Coats On Sale blood work reveals she was drugged by a Colombian drug that has side effects including erasing one’s memory. Warner tells Stabler and Fin that Kelly will never be able to recall her attack.

After searching Eric’s apartment, detectives find a computer with buy canada goose jacket downloaded pornography featuring rape. They also discover four videos on his computer of Eric raping women, one of his victims being Kelly. Eric’s defense to canada goose uk outlet Stabler is that the women consented to rough sex. Eric’s lawyer takes him away and Kelly loses her temper as she walks away. Greylek tells the detectives that it could appear to some jurors that the women were into the act of rough sex. Greylek tells detectives their only hope at canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet canada proving their case is finding the other victims, https://www.naslsoccerbowl.com who may not even remember Eric at all.

Fin discovers that Eric paid for an escort on one of the nights of the attacks. Stabler meets with the escort, Denise, who says Eric was into a rape fantasy and he couldn’t perform for long. Stabler concludes that an insecure Eric had to canada goose outlet black friday start drugging and raping women for real to maintain his excitement during the act. The detectives are able to track Eric’s moves through past laptop computer navigation. They find out where he was just before the other three attacks that were caught on his time stamped video.

Stabler and Benson track down Eric’s third victim. She has no recollection of meeting Eric and says she was not attacked. Stabler wants to ask more questions, Benson suggests they leave. Greylek and Stabler tell Benson that showing Laurel the tape of her attack may jog back some kind of memory that she lost because of being drugged. Benson canada goose outlet sale refuses, saying they can’t make Laurel a rape victim all over again if she’s forgotten the crime. Greylek insists Eric will walk free if Laurel doesn’t see the tape.

Stabler goes behind Benson’s back and shows Laurel and her husband the canada goose outlet nyc video of her rape. A furious Benson confronts Stabler as soon as she finds out. Benson goes back to Laurel’s house and shares her story of being sexually assaulted months earlier, hoping that Laurel will lean on her for support. She encourages Laurel to seek counseling and work on putting Eric behind bars so he can’t drug and rape any more women. Laurel begins slowly remembering bits and pieces of her attack.

Eric is arrested for raping both Laurel and Kelly. In court, his defense lawyer pleads “not guilty by reason of mental defect.” She tells the judge that Eric is addicted to rape porn. The judge has no choice but to allow the defense. Back at the SVU, an argument ensues as Fin defends a man’s right to watch porn and Benson Canada Goose Jackets believes the entire business is degrading. Greylek remains concerned about meeting the defense’s expert witness.

The defense’s expert witness tells the courtroom that violent porn can indeed trigger violent uncontrollable fantasies. Greylek tries to convince the jury that studies prove that an increase in porn leads to a decrease in sexual assaults. The defense stands by their case saying that Eric was addicted to violent porn and he needs rehab and not prison.

Eric tells the jury that porn ruined his life. Canada Goose Online He explains it became a terrible addiction and he truly believed the women accusing him of rape really wanted him. During cross examination, Greylek wants to know why such a successful and good looking man like Eric had to make woman feel like she was being forced to have sex with him. She accuses Eric of being turned on canada goose outlet by women fighting back, not the actual act of sex.

Greylek plays back the tape of Laurel’s rape for the jury and points out that Eric is getting aroused while watching it. Laurel runs out of the courtroom, traumatized by watching her cheap canada goose attack on video again. Later on, Benson tells Stabler that the judge’s own computer was hacked and in it were videos that could be seen as suggestive. If the defense catches wind of the videos, a mistrial could be in order. Benson feels terrible for Laurel.

In order to avoid embarrassment, the judge is forced to declare a mistrial. An angry Laurel confronts Benson at work. She tells Benson it’s her fault she remembers her attack and refuses to testify again. Benson confronts Eric outside his apartment. She tells Eric she has found out his first victim was his former fiance. Eric gets angry and rushes into his apartment. Benson joins the SVU surveillance crew outside Eric’s, where they are tracing the call he is making at that very moment.

The next day, Eric’s defense attorney says Benson harassed him on his property. Before she can make any more of a case, Greylek introduces Eric’s former fiance, Shannon, to the room. Shannon says that right after Benson left Eric’s apartment, he called her threatening her life if she told detectives about raping her the night they became engaged. The defense decides to make a deal. Eric is now destined for 25 years in jail.

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