I’ve hunted whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, bear and elk

Excitement and Frequently Asked Questions for One Hunter

UPDATE she got one on the first night! Read this update.

The canada goose outlet nyc start of the 2015 Alabama alligator hunting season is underway and I Canada Goose online am among the people canada goose uk black friday hunting this year.

To be clear, I’m not doing this hunt cheap Canada Goose for journalistic Canada Goose sale purposes. I’m not “on assignment.” I’ve been a hunter cheap canada goose for decades. I’m doing this for me. But, it dawned on me that as a hunter, a journalist and a woman, I might have a relatively unique perspective to offer. For anyone who may be anti hunting, I hope to demonstrate through a series of blog posts about my experience the responsible, humane and ethical behavior that most hunters embrace. I canada goose outlet black friday also hope to show how hunting strengthens relationships, builds confidence and teaches valuable skills.

I’m more excited about this hunt than probably any hunt I’ve canada goose outlet online ever experienced. However, I would be goose outlet canada lying if I didn’t say that I am also equally scared. The fear is probably the result of the unknown. I’m an accomplished outdoorswoman. cheap canada goose I’ve hunted whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, bear and elk. But, this will be my canada goose outlet canada first time hunting for alligator.

As the minutes ticked closer to the start of the 2015 season, I got increasingly anxious. Thursday. The hunt is a total of six days over two weekends. each night.

Mark Vickers, left, and Frank Petrillo, right, with the 11’4″ 460 pound gator they harvested in 2013.

I have checked and double checked that I have all of my hunting equipment, my license, my CITES tag. Yet, I still can’t help feeling like I’ve forgotten something. Maybe https://www.estrategias.de that’s because when my husband and his buddy, Frank Petrillo, did this hunt two years canada goose outlet sale ago they forgot to fuel up the gas tanks on the boat. They only realized it minutes before they were about to launch.

Despite a later than canada goose factory outlet desired start to their hunt, they managed to harvest a decent sized gator two years ago. It checked in at 11’4″ and 460 pounds.

Denise Vickers posing with Alabama record setting gator

Their gator pales in comparison to the one harvested last canada goose coats year in this same hunt zone by Mandy Stokes. She became famous overnight for her record uk canada goose outlet setting gator that measured 15 and a whopping 1,107 pounds.

I got the chance to meet her on August 1 canada goose when I went to Selma to attend the mandatory training class the state requires in order to participate in the hunt. I was a little star struck at first. But, pleased to see how approachable she was and forthcoming with information about her remarkable experience.

Denise Vickers meets Mandy Stokes

This year, more than 4,000 hunters applied for canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet parka the hunt. There were only 260 total tags available for four hunt zones in Alabama. Tags are awarded through a random drawing. I am one of only 22 female tag holders. I don’t need to be a statistician to know that I am pretty lucky to have been drawn.

People who know me well are not surprised that I am doing this. Still, the notion had people asking me all kinds of questions.

Question: Wait what? You’re doing what? Why?

Question: What are you going to do with it, if you get one?

Answer: Use every bit of it possible. We’ll eat the meat. I’ve perfected a Gator Gumbo recipe thanks to my husband’s canada goose outlet jackets harvest two years ago. I plan to use the hide for as many practical things as I can dream up. I know for sure I will make a headband canada goose outlet new york city or head wrap of some sort. I’m rarely seen without some sort of head dressing.

Question: Do you do this alone? How will you be able to get a gator?

Answer: There’s no way I could do it alone. You can have several people help you. But, each assistant has to have a hunting license. In my case, it will be me and my husband, Mark. And, our friend, Frank Petrillo, will be along for my hunt.

Question: What will you use for bait?

Answer: Nothing! It’s illegal to bait for canada goose outlet gator in Alabama. It’s not like the reality shows you see on cable. Most of those shows are based in Louisiana. Alabama’s harvest methods are much different than Louisiana’s.

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