ipformbl (Sat Oct 25 2014 01:31:01)


IPFORMBL takes the text parameter file and builds a binary so that IPFORMAT can
run faster.

Input parameters are :
Mandatory :
	-1 or
	-i : parameter table to build			default: none
Optional :
	-D : Display/Debug the input file as it is processed	default: no
	-H : name of the syntax-checked source file in HTML	default: none
	-l : do NOT log					default: log
	-w : do NOT overwrite existing			default: replace
	-v : print version number and exit

Version Control
;37w28	17jan00	added iffile/ifnfile
	;a 22feb00 BUG in clrflag=1
	;b 12may00 better handling of filtyp:csv
	;c 04jul00 started Abbreviations
	;d 16sep00 added MAC hashes/pounds (0243) for NOTs in partial/revpartial etc
	;e 03oct00 added 'disallow-set-quotes'
	;f 14feb01 cleanup - bufferproblem - now uses malloc
	;g 22oct01 added Abbreviations
	;h-i 13mar03 added saves in match/firstmatch
	;j-n 13dec03 XML had fallen out; added Tag/Endtag/Attribute
	;o 25feb04 added 'outque:'
	;p 02apr04 added 'chksum'
	;r 20apr04 fipseq/fipdefs added as fipseq-* or fiphdr-*
	;s 16apr04 added savefiphdr=
	;t 16nov04 added NLCSV for embedded NL in CSV fields
	;u-w18 05feb06 added id/key and keydata: (w1 added maxfiphdr-size)
		;4 bugette with lookup/defaults.
		;5 variable con and fout
		;7 bugette with savefiphdr
		;8 added keephdr and repeat blocks and v1
		;9 for XML - convert-cdata-section:yes
		;10 for savearray and output arrays
		;11-12 ifexact/ifnexact and id=../id:..
		;13 nohdr and nohdr: accepted now
		;14 bugette with include setfiles blowing a buffer
		;15 16jan11 added include-template or inctemplate and isSigned for calcs
		;16  5may11 added notefiphdr and trimfiphdr to chop back any new stuff
		;17 14jun11 added dont-clobber-saves
		;18-19 26jun11 added preserve-fiphdr as well as keep-hdr (ie same as edsys)
		;20 14jul11 abbrev/ignoreXML+preserveChrs
		;21 27jul11 copy-file and run-script added
		;22 31aug11 added read/zap/savemeta
		;23-25 16apr12 added json as a valid filetype
		;26 30jul12 added balance-group and balance-queue
		;27 10dec12 added lookup/warn:
		;28  4aug13 added fiphdr: as synonym for hdr:

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