Welcome to the FingerPost documentation site covering most of our products. To search the program documentation please go directly to the documentation pages.

The¬†FingerPost¬†Information¬†Processor (FIP) is a family of communication and conversion packages specifically created for publishing. It was originally designed for the varied needs of digital publishers, newspapers, magazines and news agencies, from small weekly newspapers to national magazines and international wire services. Since then we have been quietly powering the news industry, from newspapers through news agencies to today’s news driven web sites and feeds. We fetch, deliver and convert almost anything to almost anything.

FingerPost is a small London based company with customers across the world. We provide support contracts for customers across all time zones. There are FingerPost systems installed in 19 countries.

We do our best to keep up to date documentation, and to add news and comments through the blog and twitter, so do follow us.