Support and Maintenance Services


The FingerPost Co Ltd provides support services from its main London office. These services are available on all FingerPost-derived software products.

FingerPost offer a flexible approach in providing support and this document explains the different options available. Specific needs can therefore be catered for by specific types of support.

Further information is available on +44-207-404-0107 or

Please note the normal FingerPost warranty for software products is for 6 months after installation.

The customer is notified of software and hardware from other manufacturers which have been bundled with FingerPost products. All associated warranty rights are automatically passed to the end-user.

Service Options

The Basic Support package covers :

  • Hotline telephone support during normal working hours. (ie 9am-5pm Mon to Friday
  • Regular software updates for system enhancements and minor bug fixes – usually 2-4 times a year.
  • Regular documentation updates a the same frequency.
  • ¬†Emergency repair for critical problems on a as-needed basis.
  • “Good Idea” enhancements from clients’ suggestions. Where small mods will be made to improve FIP.

To supplement our basic support package, several extentions can be selected depending on the nature of the software and the installation :

  • After Hours Support : covering weekends, bank holidays, overnight and early mornings.
  • On-Site Support: for those sites who require regular visits – either weekly or monthly. These visits can be used for training, system tuning, installation of new or modified feeds and programming depending on need.
  • Whole System Support : where FingerPost will manage the operational aspects of an installation such as providing first level response for SunOS and other systems in addition to the FingerPost software.
  • Development/Customisation : where a client requires additional or much-modified software, development can be managed by FingerPost at a considerable discount to our normal daily rates.
  • Time and Materials : The normal per diem cost per person plus travel and subsidence outside London. If weekend or unsociable hours are required a small extra fee may be added.
  • Costs and Payment Terms

Percentages are of the initial list price of the software module(s) in question.

  • Basic cover (poa)
  • After Hours Support
  • 24 hour cover (poa)
  • weekend/bank holidays (poa)
  • On-Site Support (poa|)
  • Whole System Support (poa)
  • Development/Customisation (daily rate)
  • Time and Materials (daily rate)
  • Considerations and Clarifications

In addition to normal (commonsensical) terms and conditions stipulated in normal legal contracts including liability.

  • Duration : For one year which will be renewed automatically.
  • Termination : By either party, giving 30 days notice after the end of the first year.
  • Exclusions : Software and equipment NOT specified on the FingerPost Maintenance Licence schedule.
  • Customer Responsibilities : All bugs should be reported within reasonable time period for the severity of the bug. If possible, original data should be preserved to help bug-fixing. The client should also allow access to the systems. Where possible, the client will be asked to provide dial-up or VPN access.
  • Confidential Information

At all times FingerPost retains the software copyright and the client has no rights to pass any aspect of the system to any third party without FingerPost’s permission.
Please note that program sources are not supplied as part of any FingerPost contract unless specified, although sometimes they have been left on-site for safe-keeping.

Extra charges

An extra one-off charge may be levied if in the extreme case where FingerPost are required to work on a problem not normally covered.