ipresend (Sat Oct 25 2014 01:31:01)


This program allows the user to review and/or resend messages and files from
the archive logs. It is normally entered from IP, the FIP user interface or MUI
but may also be started from the command line.

The User may review archives in normal as-the-text-came in mode, a mode where
unprintable chrs are flagged (using unix cat -v) or Octal dump (using unix od).
In each case the User reviews using unix more.

The User may resend files in various combinations including :
		- send single file
		- send a sequence of files (using incoming wire service seqno)
		- send a sequence of files (using outgoing wire service seqno)
		- send all files
		- send all files for a destination
A time period for the selection may be made plus the destinations in some cases
may be changed plus FIP header information altered if necessary.
To help track items, a 'grep' function will list all the instances of that
string. A list of the destination USERS file can help jog memories for the
right destination to use or search for.

Input switches are (used for batch mode in general) :
	-j or -y : julian date part of archive log file	default: none
	-l : source name part of archive log file	default: none
	-d : destination to search for			default: none
	-f : Filename to search for 			default: none
		or start of range of filenames
	-F : End of range of Filenames 			default: none
	-n : new destination for output			default: none
	-b : Start Broadcast sequence number		default: none
	-B : End   Broadcast sequence number		default: none
	-h : extra FipHdr information to be added	default: none
	-o : output folder				default: spool/2go
	-A : batch mode resend all items		default: no
	-t : batch mode optional start time		default: 00:00
	-T : batch mode optional end   time		default: 23:59
	-x : batch mode					default: interactive
		Switches -y, -l and either -A, -f, -d or -b MUST be specified.
		switches -t and -T are optional
	-X : test mode					default: no
		Use with batch to display and NOT send
	-v : Print version number and exit

(copyright) 2014 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.