sffparse (Sat Oct 25 2014 01:31:01)

sffparse - Extract and display FipSeq

From an input file containing a FipHdr, sffparse can display a string.

Input switches (Mandatory)
Either	-s output style - in dbl quotes
or	-S name of a file containing FipSeq to parse and output
Either	-i input data file with a FipHdr
Or	-1 input data file with a FipHdr
And/Or	-h or -I a FipHdr String
	-e Optional standing file in /fip/sfftables containing
		items that FipSeq loves especially 
		'fixed', 'partial', 'repeat',
		'combie', 'style' 'replace' and 'newdate'
	-H Preserve the FipHdr of the -S file, normally it is stripped
	-o Output file name
		if the name does not start with a '/', it is assumed to be 
		in the current folder.
	-append Append the output to the output file.
		Is only used with the '-o outputfilename'.
		If the output file exists, the new data is added to the end.
		If it does NOT, a new file is created.
	-A Add the data of the input file onto the output
		Normally the data of the file is ignored as only information in
		the FipHdr fields are required
	-b (name) balance group to balance seqno generated with -m
	-B o/d/h  Output the seqno as octal, decimal (default) or hex (used with -m)
	-m output only a sequence number unique from 1st Jan 2006
		using this name as the key
	-t style to output AFTER the data part
	-T name of a file containing FipSeq to parse and output AFTER the data part
	-x name of an xml file template to output
		this uses 'filltag' keywords to extract FipHdr fields from
		the input file (-i) or header fields (-h)
	-X Run the Output file
		this assumes that the output file is a script !!
	-v version number and exit
	-V show the input and output strings in more detail

	sffparse  -s "YR.pdf" -i bigfip.file

	sffparse -S "/fip/customer/folios/BARCODE-$d.fip" -e NewDate

	sffparse -s '$V-DU-$V-SN-$V' -i AFP.FRS0503.

	sffparse -m WEB		this just generates a unique seqno

Use the -V switch if you are uncertain as to what it is processing...

Note that if running from a script - especially a csh script - you will need to
dbl the backslashes OR surround in single quotes so the script does not
interpret the FipSeq first!

Version control
;009e5	16jan05 added -x and 'fill-tag' etc
	;c 28nov06 added -H preserve FipHdr
	;d 17sep07 added -m
	;e5 19may08 added -1 and allow param files from anywhere ;3 parse -o ;4 tune
balance ;f filter:
;008b	25jul02 added -t/-T for extra style string/file AFTER data
	;b 08may03 ffilsiz for $c

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