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ZWIRE receives an IATA or IATA-derivative news wire.
The header is parsed and put in the FIP header field SH. The file is slotted
into the spool/2brouted queue for IPROUTE to process and route.

Input Parameters :
	Mandatory :
	-n : name of this wire (usually the agency)		default: none
either	-s : 'px25', 'sx25', Terminal Server/Spider name or TTY	default: none
	-p : Spider port number					default: none
or	-P : Port on UnixBox to use for outbound		default: none
		This is only used where Terminal Servers canNOT run reverse telnet
		correctly and need to set a Permanent Virtual Connection across
		the ethernet to a fixed port number on the UnixBox
	Optional :
	-A : name of the archive file if not the -n name field  default: 'name'
								default: 7
	-C : Category start string				default: none
	-c : If not ascii feed, chrset of 5/6 level letters	default: c2let
	-d : If not ascii feed, chrset of 5/6 level numbers	default: c2num

	-D : the name of a DUPLICATE wire where 2 copies of the same
		file is required (SD header field).		default: none
	-e : the string that ends the header at the next CR/NL.	default: none
	-E : the string that ends the header immediately.	default: none
	-f : Extra FIP header information			default: none
		For fixed header info in FIP. eg -f #QA:AA#QB:BASIC
		As this flag is normally the last specified, its contents
		can be used to overwrite any unique fields such as DU, DP,
		SN etc.
	-k : Keyword start string string which indicates that text following
		to the CR/NL is the keyword.			default: none
	-K : Add the message keyword as first line of text	default: no
	-l : The max no of lines in the header.			default: no max
	-L : For Passive (-P) type connections, reestablish the
		link after disconnection			default: no
	-o : Name of output format (DF field)			default: ZWIRE
	-O : Name of the output folder if not default	   default: spool/2brouted
		This folder will be under /fip/spool
	-q : Replace incoming sequence number with System
		generated number				default: no
	-r : the name of a DIFFERENT routing table to 'name'
		(SR field : used by iproute)			default: name
	-t : End of text marker (NNNN is end of message)	default: none
	-T : Timeout in seconds					default: none
		If this time is exceeded WITHOUT an End-of-file, the
		file is terminated.
	-x : Wakeup string for Pad/modem etc			default: none
		This wakes up the pad on startup.
	-y : Banner string to strip from terminal server.default: SpiderBanner
	-Y : There is no banner to strip			default: as above
	-Z : do NOT archive any incoming files			default: archive
	-0 : do NOT strip NULs from the incoming stream		default: strip
	-1 : Use first line of text as Keyword			default: no
		(this is the opposite of -K)
	-6 : Format is Extel version 6 format			default: no
		Version 6 is also called AFX IATA Version 1 or 1.1
	-7 : Format is Extel/AFX version 7 format		default: no
		Version 7 is also called AFX IATA Version 1.2

	-v : Print the version number and exit

Notes for particular agencies :

	Extel is	-s/-p -e#Z -C# -1 -6 [opt -K]
	or		-s/-p -e#Z -tn#Z -C# -1 -6 [opt -K]
	or version 7	-s/-p -7
Extel V7 fields are
	Line	Field Name	Fip Header field (if X?, it is part of the SH)
	1	Service Desig		XS	v7_S
		Service Number		XN	v7_N
		OriginCode		XO	v7_O
		Reference Field		XR	v7_R
		UniqueStoryNo		XU	v7_U
	2	Priority		XP	v7_P
		Service Code		XC	v7_C
		Correction Code		XY	v7_Y
		Destination Code	XX	v7_D		** 0.20 **
		SubjectCode.1-4		XB	v7_B
		CountryCode.1-4		XT	v7_T
		IndustryCode.1-4	XI	v7_I
		Story Type Code		XZ	v7_Z		** 0.20a **
	3-?	CompanyName.1-5		E?/F?/G?	v7_E
		Ticker.1-5		E?	v7_E
		Country.Reg.1-5		E?	v7_E
		Sedol.1-5		E?	v7_E
		ISIN.1-5		E?	v7_E
		(upto 15 company names)
	8	DateTime		EZ	v7_E
	9	Headline		XK	v7_K

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