Parsing wire formatted flat files

Wire Format files delivered by FTP or in some other flat file format ?

It is becoming common to either fetch files by ftp that are in a standard wire format (IPTC / ANPA / IIM etc) or have them delivered to you as flat files. If this is the case you need to be able to deliver them to one of Wire, Vwire, Zwire etc to have the data parsed ….These programs normally expect to receive data on a port, so the idea is that we lift the data files of the disc and “print” them to a local data port, which the wire program is “listening” to.

Having got the files onto your local disc …

you then need to print the files to a virtual port to which you can connect the appropriate wire program (Wire for IPTC / ANPA, Zwire for IATA etc, Vwire for a custom feed … etc).

So, assuming your files for a service called NATIONALNEWS are in a directory called: /fip/spool/xwireservice you need to add to your system file something like:

;The program 'ipprint' monitors the xnationalnews directory and 'prints' the file to a virtual port e.g.
wirefeed1	 local	 ipprint -q xnationalnews -s	fhostname -p 9416 -Z BINARY -L

;'wire' program now receives the files via this virtual port.
wirefeed1	 wire	wire -s+ -P 9416 -n NATIONALNEWS

The feed will then be treated as a normal feed, passed onto 2brouted withan SU of NATIONALNEWS, and all its other source header fields in place for iproute to deal with …