Useful Quark Xpress Information

Tags list

Quark Tags List: a rough list of common tags used: – it is slightly out of date….

Hyphens and spaces

How to force non-breaking words (for instance so headlines don’t hyphenate)

Either – call an HnJ in your style sheet in which hyphenation is turned off – sadly this needs to be set through the Quark Interface, so needs to be set on the page first. You cannot define the HnJ settings with tags … only call them.

OR — add a discretionary hyphen at the front of a word you do not want to break (perhaps everyword in a headline) …

This can be done by inserting cmd-hyphen at the front of the word,
or in Quark Tags, adding <\h>

@$:Here is a breaking word <\h>antidisestablishmentarianism

How to force a ‘preferred’ hyphenation point.

Use a discretionary hyphen in the word, placed at the preferred hyphenation point – so if you prefer anti-disestablishmentarionism to antidisestablish-mentarionism, try


Non-breaking hyphens

Used in words that are hyphenate, but that you do not want to break – say to keep: Hugh-Jones on one line ..

Use cmd-= when typing the hyphen, or <\!> in Quark Tags.

@$:Non<\!->breaking hyphen

Non-breaking spaces

Use cmd-space when typing the space.


Note – forcing a lot of non-breaking spaces can force all your copy into overmatter – if Xpress can’t work out a place to break the copy, it justs forces it all into overmatter,

Funny Characters

  • Bullet = octal-245 (\245)
  • Non-breaking space <\s>
  • Non-breaking hyphen
  • discretionary hyphen <\h>
  • soft return <\n>

What makes tag import (cmd-E) break – bad tags

  • Have no tag extension – so cannot interpret the tags
  • have not checked the ‘import as tags’ check box on the import window
  • Have a bad tag
    • spurious < or > in the text …
    • wrong line endings. Noite this can get confusing as some afp servers such as ethershare clever;y interpret and convert line endings on the fly: this means that line endings are not consistent from site to site. Always test.