Program Documentation

The usual caveats hold true as to the precision of the documentation. Sometimes it will be slightly in front of the code, and at others the code will be ahead of the documentation. We will endeavour to keep them roughly in tandem.

The documentation is divided into :

User Interface

ip MUI – The Main User Interface (or MisUser Interface) ipnt MUI – The Main User Interface (or MisUser Interface) for NT ipresend Resend file from the Log files
peek Watch data arriving – Non-Destructive Line Monitor ipmon Monitor incoming services ipscan Monitor queues
ipsvce BUI – The Web Browser User Interface

Base System

iproute Routing for incoming files ipwheel Distribution ipxchg Character Stripping and String Translation
ipspool Generic Input and/or Output spooler ippost Postman for mail and other special traffic ipprint Network printer and formatter
ippsc Simple PostScript formatter for printing ipbatch File batcher ipedsys Main PC and Mac file formatter
ipeddir Main PC and Mac directory formatter ipkeyword Keyworder for incoming files (also see iproute) iprobin Round-robin for file distribution like typeset and printers
ipsgml SGML &lt-&gt HTML &lt-&gt text convertor iptimer Timer – run programs every few seconds iptrigger Trigger program on new, change or delete of files
ipw4 W4 – Internet Wire Browser

Base System – Maintenance

ipmaint Main Nightly maintenance ipdelque Delete and purge of queues

Base System – Network

ipxnet Receive from Other Fips and Editorial systems ip2net Send to Other Fips ipredun Main redundancy program
ipbalan Balance Client ipsvrd Balance Server

Inbound Copy including Agency Reception

wire Standard ANPA or IPTC text wires vwire Variable, parameter-defined format wires zwire Standard IATA (zczc) and AFX wires
pwire Precedent Character (like CCM) wires iimwire ANPA/IPTC binary format for mixed photo and text wires nitfwire XML/NewsML/NITF format text wires
nntpwire Get articles from an NNTP server smtpwire Lightweight mail (SMTP) reader/receiver imapwire IMAP mail reader
ipdskwir ANPA/IPTC text disk files tipwire Dutch IPTC text files using the TIP box bkwire Broker wires – Reuters, Dow Jones, Knight-Ridder, WAVO
ipxbloom Download data from Bloomberg terminal -OLD webwire Download data by Grabbing pages from other Web Sites ramswire Reuters AMS or SelectFeed Plus service
ampswire Connecting to a AMX server. httpwire Simple HTTP server for uploading and downloading files.


ipbox MailBox – Cmd line – AAI replacement ropey MailBox – BBS style ipzapbox Mailbox Maintenance
ipwires Wires for Mailbox ipchkmail Process incoming InternetMail or W4 files from ‘sffmail’ ipsmtp Links to and from InternetMail – SMTP and POP3
ipserver Simple server for incoming files from remote users ipsvrgtw MailBox server for J11 Gateway ipsvrbox MailBox server for Word/Quark/QPS

Diagnostic programs

ipdump Dump raw data from incoming feed in to file ipbin Analyse file for binary characters and built XCHG ipvi Editor/Maintain parameter files across several systems
ipsim Simulate incoming wire feeds ipsimdmp Simulate incoming wire feeds ipfox Test outgoing or printer lines
ipbod Convert Ascii files to/from Baudot ipbincmp Compare 2 binary files ipspider Maintain Spider terminal servers
iptstwir Test Wires

Connections to Content Management/Editorial/Advertising Systems

ipout Ethernet/Rs232/v24 connection to Precedent chr-like lines ipxv24 Rs232/v24 connection from Editorial Sysstems running SNDFIP ipgtwy J11 Gateway connection
ipxgtw J11 Gateway connection ipsndsnd J11 PCI-SNDSND connection ipxbin Convert J11 Binary data to Ascii
ipxhypo Good News/Tera/Hyphen connection ipeport SII EPORT connection ippinkd P.Ink connection
ipxrtf Convert from Microsoft RTF format ip2db Connection to Generic/Prestige/Tera/Oracle/Sybase/SqlServer/Mysql database ipxdb Connection from Generic/Prestige/Tera/Oracle/Sybase/SqlServer/Mysql database
ipxadora Connection from Adora ipadorachk Rework Adora HiRes to OPI/PCI calls ipxnued Connection from AFX Tagmaster database
ipxword Simple Conversion from Word or QPS Copy Desk ipxmp MediaPlanner Paginator Parser ipxmp Miles
ip2life Life Copy Tasting ipzapfsf maintenance for Life Copy Tasting ipnotwir Lotus Notes uploader
ipsvrj11 Atex j11 access via web (!) ipramstxt Reuters SelectFeed Plus text handler ipramsflt Reuters SelectFeed Plus Filter

Data Formats and PostScript Driver

formhelp Overview of Data Formats form Form User Interface and Test enviornment (FUI) ipformd Format daemon
ipformbl Binary file generator ipformat Main data formatting program ipformch Form Checker – Simple File Combiner/Tracker
ipfsel Selection list program ipfchk Error Checked line rechecker ipfprep Pre processor for Listing files etc
ipsetter PostScript Paginator

Statistics Module

stats Overview of the Statistics Module ip2syb Generic Sybase uploader ipxsyb Generic Sybase downloader
ipora Generic Oracle/Mysql up/downloader ipstatd Stats demon ipskey Stats Key generator
ipstatsvr Stats Server

Dial Out, Retrieve and FTP

ipdial Dial out and send files to remote systems ipretrev Dial out and retreive files from remote systems ipftp Send or retreive files via FTP from remote systems

Broadcast, Remote Delivery and Syndication

ipbdcast Variable format text broadcaster ipbdiim IIM binary text/pix broadcaster ipbdx25 Variable format text broadcaster via X25
iphdrchk Check those headers outbound and fix/msg ipdelay Delay copy being broiadcast to set times ipselect Automatic selection of keyworded data for Custom feeds
iplookup Lookup tables for FipHdr fields

syn Syndication User Interface or chop-SUI ipsynd Syn demon
ipsyn Main syndication transmission program

fipremote Remote Delivery Client ipremdata Remote Delivery DataBase feeder
ipremsvr Remote Delivery Server

Telex and Fax

telex Telex hansbck Telex Box setup fax Fax

Writer and PC

ip2wtr Writer upload plus irectory maintenance ipsptx Spooled PC input ippctx One-shot PC input
ippcq PC admin for Braodcast queues ipatxdir Generate Writer directory files ip2pc Old PC program spooler – now please use IPEDSYS
ippc Even Older PC program spooler – use IPEDSYS!!


iplib Text reformatter for download to Nexis, Profile, BRS, ReuterFile, QL, RadioSuisse etc ipbrs2lib Convert BRS to Fip Library format ipqps2lib Convert QPS TextPorter to Fip Library format
ipqtags Convert From Quark or XTags ipedpg Convert and get Atex EdPage data for Fip Library format ipnlay Convert and get Atex NewsLayout data for Fip Library format
ip2life Back End to Life System’s lovely Wire Taster ipzapfsf Maintenance for Life Wire taster ipmerc Send to Mercury EasyLink/NewsLink/M7500 type systems
ip2mid MidSystem Tracker interface ip2pulse PCS Pulse interface ipspgw Spooled access to J11 Gateway – not recommended
iprmsg Spooled access to J11 Gateway – not recommended ippass TCP passthru program for testing ipj11hdr Create a J11 Header

Production, Planning and Pairing

ipp3adm P3 Administration ipp3in P3 Input ipp3dist P3 Distribution


sffui GUI – Generic Used Interface sffaddview Create a BinHdr for a PostScript file sffb64 Simple convertor into/outof base64
sffcat Cat plus Fortran line ends, CR converts and PC stops sffdmp Dumper in Octal, Dec and Hex sffdate Date manipulator
sffexec Program Starter for interactive programs like FTP sfffmt Like format but can handle > 1024 chrs sffhdr Mangle and Unmangle most sort of file headers
sffiim Mangle and Unmangle IIM file attributes sfflogon External Logon handling for ipbox and w4 sffmail SMTP agent and W4 remote copy in
sffmap Fast One-2-one chr mapping sffmny Split file into many output files sffparse Test or output FipSeq !
sffpdfmark Put a FipHdr into PS file and Extract it from a PDF sffpshop Mangle Adobe Photoshop res fork sffport Simple file transfer to remote TCP connection
sffsort Sort a file with a FipHdr on sffspl Simple spooler sffswap Simple string swapper
sfftail Tail a file sfftag Get Data from a Single Tag field sffutf8 Convert UTF8 2/From Unicode
chktiff Check and display TIFF information croptiff Crop and mangle TIFF file