1. maker notes out
2. offset for RATS in following xx3
3.a exif add check for fiphdr field in param
3.b. exif write fiphdrs
4. xmp files
5.a exif add check for fiphdr field in param
5.b. exif write fiphdrs
6. test files
7. soak - which feeds ?
8. protect !
TODO - // 11 = FLOAT Single precision (4-byte) IEEE format.


Check a Tiff file - EXIF, IPTC/IIMM, ordinary Tiff file or a thumbnail on top
of a Hires

This program displays the Tiff tags for a given file. It then checks the strips
are where they say they are and are are the correct length.

    chktiff name.tiff | more

A second variant will return the PhotometricInterpretation as a result - or -1
if NOT a tiff file or a bad tiff file.
It will also print the number of bits .. (which is SamplesPerPixel *

    chktiff -x name.tiff

The display version looks something like .......

..CheckTiff : /ese/ROGER
  Tiff is   : MOTOROLA  (Processor is type : MOTOROLA)
  IFD starts at : 8
  No of Entries : 14

    Idx.0   Tag.254.fe  Typ.4   Len.1   Val.0   NewSubfileType (MustbeZero)
    Idx.1   Tag.256.100 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.2460     ImageWidth
    Idx.2   Tag.257.101 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.1701     ImageLength
    Idx.3   Tag.258.102 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.8   BitsPerSample
    Idx.4   Tag.259.103 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.1   Compression.1.Uncompressed
    Idx.5   Tag.262.106 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.1
    Idx.6   Tag.273.111 Typ.4   Len.1   Val.470  StripOffsets
    Idx.7   Tag.277.115 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.1   SamplesPerPixel
    Idx.8   Tag.278.116 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.1701     RowsPerStrip
    Idx.9   Tag.279.117 Typ.4   Len.1   Val.4184460 StripByteCount
    Idx.10  Tag.282.11a Typ.5   Len.1   Val.144.000000   XResolution
    Idx.11  Tag.283.11b Typ.5   Len.1   Val.144.000000   YResolution
    Idx.12  Tag.296.128 Typ.3   Len.1   Val.2   ResolutionUnit.2.Inches
    Idx.13  Tag.34377.8649    Typ.1   Len.272.198
Val.  ???Unknown???

  LastStripOffset: 470
  Rows/Strip    : 1701
  StripByteCount : 4184460

..Actual Data..
  No of Strips  : 1
  Size of Data  : 4184460 = Calculated Size

Version Control
;04e    1mar18 tuning EXIF blocks

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.