IPEDPG is the preprocessor for Edpage files for the Library system.

It reads each file in the input queue and creates a LIBTXE compatible file in
the output queue.

It reads the queue ONCE unless the -s switch is specified.

Parameter file is EDPAGE in tables/setup and has the syntax :

    ; comment
    pub: (publication)  (combination of desk, section and/or zone)  key: (unique

where :
    desk: (desk or atex text group)
    section: (section name)
    zone: (zone name)

Input parameters are :
    Optional :
    -i : input queue            default: spool/edpage/in
    -o : output queue           default: spool/edpage/out
    -l : log every new file pls     default: do NOT log
    -d : delete all input files     default: do NOT delete
    -s : spooler switch         default: no
        default is a single scan of the queue and stop
        Use this option to continually scan.
    -f : file wait in seconds       default: none
        This is the time it takes for the file to stop growing where
        files are arriving across a slow network.
    -t : sleep betwix scans of spooled queue.default: 5 secs
    -z : parameter file to use      default: tables/setup/EDPAGE
    -1 : this is an edpage version 1 file   default: version 5
    -3 : this is an edpage version 3 file   default: version 5
    -5 : this is an edpage version 5 file   default: version 5
    -a : use Publication name and section field for finding the key.
                        default: Pub and desk
    -Z : Use the Original page for data default: Use this file
        Input page is used to find the name which will be
        under /atexdata/edpages
            eg:cd /atexdata/edpages/GDN/28-APR-1998/01/NO_ZON/HOM0004
    -v : print version no and exit

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