***Broadcast - how .....
- send_block loop for > 1450 ??
- fabort...
- can udp have PIPE ??
- W4 or W4TICKER as parameter file ??
    ie do we break it into lists ????
    NO-use W4 to pass on data file WITH WL etc already filled in
- poss class/type of traffic/lists some NOT tickered ???
- do we need - traceStart, traceEnd, traceResponse;
- heartbeat - what data should we pass ? - all seqnos .....


This program handles the tickers for w4.

Input Parameters (all optional) :
    -d : done queue for raw files       default: none- files are deleted
    -h : HeatBeat interval          default: 60 secs
    -l : do NOT log each item       default: do
    -p : port to broadcast data on      default:9190
    -q : input folder name under spool  default: w4ticker
    -s : hostname of the remote     default: none for broadcast
    -z : parameter file if not default  default: W4
    -v : Print the version number and exit

FipHdr fields added by ipremdata are :
    R1- date CCYYMMDD
    R2- hour
    R3- Overall System item number
    R4- Uno
    R5- SystemId - not used by RemSvr

FipHdr fields added by ipremsvr are :
    R7- Service item number
    R8- Client item number
    R9- Service name, usually a service code

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