This program sends and receives files from an SII via its EPORT.

It can be used locally or remotely where a modem may be setup and used to link.

It uses a parameter file

Syntax of the parameter file :

The strings are in uucp-like format where the syntax is

    (send1string) (space) (receive1string) (spc) (s2) (spc) (r2) etc
ie you send1, wait 5secs for r1, send s2 wait 5secs for r2 etc.

To send a space, use \s or dbl quote that string.
To wait a second - send a tilde (or redefine to your chr)
To send or wait for nothing - use ""

    waitchr:\176    wait one sec chr        default: tilde (0176)
    dialchr:\174    'insert the dialno here' chr    default: pipe  (0174)
    timeout:10  timeout wait is 10 secs     default: 5 secs
    commerror:NO\sCARRIER   break in comms

    setup:   (setup string)
    dial:    (dial and connect string)
    logon:   (logon and file setup string)
    logoff:  (logoff and kill comms string)
    disconn: (disconnect string)

for the SII
    Probably need several :
    basket: (basket name)           default: none
    Optional :
    prompt: (prompt chr/string)     default: @
    alert: (Alert string)           default: [ALERT]
    msgpend: (Msg Pending string)       default: '** MSG PEND'
    contmsg: (Page continues string)    default: '...'
    next:   (string to continue)        default: N
    eoln:   (End of line string for the SII)    default: \r\n
    dir:    (Directory string including $ for basket name)
                    default: d ba;$;db1\r\n
    read:   (Read file string including $ for unique file id name)
                        default: read $\r\n
    send:   (Send file string including $ for unique file id name)
                        default: send $\r\n

eg: setup:\r\r~+++ OK\r ath\r ~at&f\r OK\r ~atf0%b9600\r OK\r
    dial:atdt|\r CONNECT
    logon:li "LOGON OK"
    logoff:lo\r\n LOGOFF lo\r\n
    disconn:~~+++ OK\r ~+++ OK\r ath\r OK\r 
For dialup comms, always end on something to receive - if the last one (and
only that one) is not received then the connection is deemed broken and is

Also need to setup either the spider port or the TTY with stty_setup_ttya.

Input Parameters :
    Mandatory :
    -s : TTY device name or Spider name     default: none
    -p : Port number if Spider          default: none
    -n : number to ring/dial            default: none
or  -N : there is no need for a number      default: yes there is
    Optional :
    -q : queue to scan for file TO SII  default: spool/2eport
    -z : parameter table to setup comms default: tables/eport/SETUP
    -d : do NOT delete the files after sending      default: delete
    -c : parameter table for chr strip  default: tables/eport/STRIP
    -l : do NOT log any events          default: log messages only
    -L : Display all in/out for the session     default: no
    -r : sleep between reconnect attempts       default: 5 secs
    -t : sleep between scans and SII keep Alives    default: 5 secs
    -y : Banner string to strip from terminal server.default: SpiderBanner
    -Y : There is no banner to strip        default: as above
    -v : Print the version number and exit

To start
    make sure SETUP and STTY are correct
    ipeport -s/dev/ttya -n 3576955
    ipeport -s/dev/ttya -n 0713576955
    ipeport -s/dev/ttya -n 9071357695

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