IPXBLOOM sits on the end of a cable attached to a Bloomberg terminal printer
port. It collects any files inbound, stores them on disk and slots them into
the spool/2brouted queue for IPROUTE to process and route.

The name of the wire defaults to XBLOOM and this is the name of the FipHdr SU
field and the name of the file in tables/route.

Note that in the time honoured Fip tradition (?) the output format (DF header
field) is also XBLOOM. So your output program - ipedsys, ipout, ipgtwy etc -
will need an XBLOOM parameter file unless overwritten.

Input Parameters :
    Mandatory :
either  -s : 'px25', 'sx25', Spider name or TTY device name default: none
    -p : Terminal Server port number (Not for TTY)      default: none
or  -P : Port on UnixBox to use for outbound        default: none
        This is only used where Terminal Servers canNOT run reverse telnet
        correctly and need to set a Permanent Virtual Connection across
        the ethernet to a fixed port number on the UnixBox
    Optional :
    -n : name of this wire  (SU header field)       default: XBLOOM
    -A : name of the archive file if not the -n name field  default: 'name'
    -c : the chrset of the source (SC header field)     default: ascii
    -d : the name of a DUPLICATE wire where 2 copies of the same
        file is required (SD header field).     default: none
    -f : Extra FIP header information           default: none
        For fixed header info in FIP. eg -f #QA:AA#QB:BASIC
        As this flag is normally the last specified, its contents
        can be used to overwrite any unique fields such as DU, DP,
        SN etc.
    -o : Name of output format (DF field)           default: XBLOOM
    -r : the name of a DIFFERENT routing table to 'name'
        (SR field : used by iproute)            default: name
    -X : for terminal servers, telnet transparency off  default: on
        -y : Banner string to strip from terminal server.default: SpiderBanner
        -Y : There is no banner to strip        default: as above
    -Z : do NOT archive any incoming files      default: archive
    -v : Print the version number and exit

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