This program is used to convert plain text tables to NITF/HTML - where possible

If the input switch '-Z' is on, the FipHdr of the incoming file may have a 'DY' 
which is the parameter file to use. If that does not exist, or that file does
not exist
in tables/setup then the default is used.

The default parameter file is TXT2TAB (Winnt = Txt2Tab.fip) in tables/setup.

Keywords for Txt2TAB parameter file are :
    ; comment line
    chr:(octal/dec/hex number):(FipSeq string)
        Replace this character with the string - usually an Sgml escaped chr.
        This can be a printable chr or an escaped number. The number is
        octal/dec/hex depending on the preceding 'number' keyword (if any).
        eg  chr:\313:&pound;    chr:<:&lt;
            Note that the ';' is part of the string and NOT a comment as it does NOT
            start the line.

    extra-fiphdr (FipSeq) Extra information to be added to the FipHdr of the
output file.default: none
    outque  Output queue for the new file (overrides the -o input switch)
    donque  Done queue for the raw input file (overrides the -d input switch)
default: none 
    script: script to run against the New file.     default: none
    newname: name of output file                default: same as input
    file-before: name of a template file to add BEFORE any data - such as an HTML
top.default: none
    file-after: name of a template file to add AFTER any data - such as an HTML
end. default: none
    log-line: Custom log string for the Item Log entry default:\SU \SN
    no-fiphdr: do NOT add a FipHdr to the output file.  default: do
    always-start-on-para: Always start the file with a <P> tag    default: do NOT
    data-format: reuters/afx/ap/dpa/afp source format       default: reuters
        Use the PI for TableColumnWidths (ie use FipHdr FE and NOT FD)
        'no' for use FD and ignore FE; default is no
    paragraph-indent: normal paragraph indent           default: 4 spaces
    minimum-river: number of spaces between cells           default: 2
    cell-gap: Used for PI and CharWidth             default: 2
    table-border: usually 2 - 1 at start of line            default: 2
    min-rogue-lines: no of data lines before we will accept a rogue/colspan.
default: 4
    preserve-tab-spacing:no/yes                     default: no
        NO=zap all leading and trailing spaces inside a tab cell
        YES=leave all spaces

    Parameters for changing the markup :
    para-start  default "<p>"
    para-end    default "\n</p>"
    standAloneEnd-BR default "<br/>"
    standAloneEnd-P default "<p></p>"
    ul-start    default "<ul>"
    ul-end      default "</ul>"
    ol-start    default "<ol>"
    ol-end      default "</ol>"
    li-start    default "<li>"
    li-end      default "</li>"
    table-start default "<table\\VC style=\"CharWidth:\\FC\"\\$o>\\VE<?FingerPost
    table-end   default "</table>"
    row-start   default "<tr>"
    row-end     default "</tr>"
    tab-start   default "<td align=\"\\FA\"\\VB colspan=\"\\FB\"\\$o\\VD
    tab-end     default "</td>"

FipHdr fields used internally are :
    FA  cell alignment for TD or TH - left, right, center
    FB  number of columns spanned for this TD (default is 1)
    FC  width of this table (in chrs)
    FD  width of this cell (in chrs) - the cell being TD or TH
    FE  width of all cells (in chrs)
plus VA to VE are options for the 5 above

Where sections of FipHdr fields are required or changes to the output style,
use keywords : fixed, partial, combie, optional, repeat, newdate and/or style.
(see The SysAdmin manual for more information).

    They are normally specified :
        fixed:QZ    1234543
        partial:QT  ST,3,2,U,<,>
        combie:QY   ep|na,(0000000)a 
        option:QE   ep,11,7,s
        repeat:QK   XK,-,3  
    or  repeat:QP   PK,,4,#X
        style:QS    XN,%.03d

Example of a Parameter file
;   'Txt2Tab' - default

; add the following fields for first ipxchg then ipedsys
; xchg - CQ - send to lookup next
; xchg - CX - use param file NTM2NewsML.fip
; edsys - EQ  - stuff in 2tibrv after
; edsys - DF - use param file NEWSML-Text.fip

; always map these chrs pls
; but not these - yes pls

; NONONO need a <P> and </P> at end...

; for colspan - only output if there is an FB
option:VB   FB

; default is 3

; default is unlimited/

; End

Input Parameters are (all optional) :
    -1 : path/filename for single shot      default: spooled
        The input file is NOT deleted
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed relative to the current
    -i : input queue                default: spool/txt2tab
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -d : optional done folder for the input files   default: none 
    -l : do NOT log files in        default: log
    -o : output queue               default: spool/2go
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -P : add raw data as a PRE afterwards       default: no
            add add NL to every start tag to help viewing
    -w : file wait for files arriving across a network. def: 8 secs
    -z : default parameter file in tables/setup
            default: tables/setup/TXT2TAB (or TXT2TAB.fip for NT)
    -Z : allow FipHdr field DY to override the parameter file name
            default: use ONLY the default.
    -v : print version number and exit


Version Control
;002c   08nov04 RTRS (( is an Xref and 002 ->the Xref NL
        ;c 05feb05 allow rows of dashes to be part of the table
;001z   30apr03 cleanups 
        ;b use <p></p> not <p/>
        ;c blank lines endtable plus colhdr bugette
        ;d added -d doneque
        ;e 12jun03 minors as per rtrs build 65
        ;f-r 18jun03 minors as per rtrs NNG build
        ;s-t 27sep03 look after <FipTextType-TW:X>
        ;u 03nov03 timings
        ;v 08nov03 v3.0 pre
        ;w-y 03apr04 v3.7 exceptions/lists
        ;z 20sep04 speedy
;000z   20nov01 original version
        ;t for Lists
        ;u for stripping spaces after <p>
        ;v startpara can be 4 +/- 2 spaces Uppercase or quotes
        ;w redo spcs
        ;x check for ALL UPPERCASE lines at start of para = CrossHead
        ;y 05apr03 bugette - not zapping extra fiphdr used for tabs. 
        ;z 07apr03 zapped all extra NL from data

(copyright) 2017 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.