This program has two modes :
    1. Sits on the Broadcast line of a LMIL circuit and pumps data to IPXRNS on
this or another system.
        Any Sequence errors are noted, logged and a file created with FipHdr fields
        Normally this file is left in 'spool/2go' for IPWHEEL to move to the system
running the Interactive IPRNSD
        Note the Interactive version needs to be logged on before LMIL will send any
    2. Sits on the Interactive port of an LMIL circuit.
        It Logs on, checks for errors on the LMIL side and also checks the
'spool/rnserr' queue for RqstRpts.
        These Rpts can be either 
            - an S1/S2 record from the Broadcast
            - an S9 record for LOGOFF and STOP :    S9:LOGOFF
            - an S9 record for LOGOFF and LOGON :   S9:RESET
            - an S9 record for RESTART :    S9:START or S9:RESTART

IPRNSD uses a parameter file in tables/setup which defaults to RNSD.

Syntax for the parameter file are :
    ; comment
    interactive-host: (extranet host)
    interactive-port: (extranet port)

    broadcast-host: (extranet host)
    broadcast-port: (extranet port)
    broadcast-mbone-host: (extranet host)
    broadcast-mbone-port: (extranet port)
    mbone-local-address: (IP address of the 2nd card for Mcast)
    interactive-address: (x25 address)
        x25 address for the Interactive service (used only if input switch -i is
    broadcast-address: (x25 address)
        x25 address for the Broadcast service (used only if input switch -i is NOT

    broadcast-cug:      Closed user group
    interactive-cug:    Closed user group
    usap:           LSE supplied USAP

    repeat-wait: (secs)     default: 1
        wait for repeat re-re-request where the LSE system is too slow and we get
Q015 messages.
    repeat-retries: (goes)      default: 4
        no of retires for a re-request

Where sections of FipHdr fields are required or changes to the output style,
use keywords : fixed, partial, combie, optional, repeat and/or style. (see The
SysAdmin manual for more information).

    They are normally specified :
        fixed:QZ    1234543
        partial:QT  ST,3,2,U,<,>
        combie:QY   ep|na,(0000000)a 
        option:QE   ep,11,7,s
        repeat:QK   XK,-,3  
    or  repeat:QP   PK,,4,#X
        style:QS    XN,%.03d 

Input Parameters are :
    Mandatory parameters :
    -s : HostName where Program 'ipxrns'            default: none
    -p : Host port number                   default: none
    -n : Service name and name of parameter file        default: RNS

    Optional parameters :
    -d : dump incoming data to /usr/fip/dump/(NAME)_(DOY)   default: none
    -i or -I : This is the INTERACTIVE line and will    default BROADCAST line
        scan queue spool/rnserr for errors
    -N : Mbone (win2k) - no of buffers to use       default: 1
    -O : Mbone (win2k) - do NOT use overlapped io   default: do
    -o : Output Queue for BroadCast Rqst Rpts       default: spool/2go
    -q : Error Input Queue for Interactive Rqst Rpts    default: spool/rnserr
    -r : allow restarts - stop on E147 and start on START   default: ignore
            (interactive only)
    -R : ignore repeats (interactive only)          default: allow
    -X : do NOT add a leading STX to each packet        default: do
    -v : print version no and exit

participation-code:FTEXTEL  - not yet
service-code:B16        - not yet


-- Setup
The x25/hdlc parameters for the Eicon card MUST be setup EXACTLY as per the
LMIL specs SEQ605.
These are DIFFERENT to each other :
Use the Eicon Manager program to do the necessary.

To stop and restart the card :
    1. Cmd window
    2. cd \wsnt
    3. eccard stop
    4. eccard start

-- Checking the link
Use the Eicon program to check :
    1. Cmd window
    2. cd \wsnt
    3. ecmodule stats  hdlc
    3. ecmodule status hdlc
    3. ecmodule stats  x25
    3. ecmodule status x25

-- Start ipdump/ipxrns on news1 first

    ipdump -P9051 -nzbd -z &
    ipdump -P9052 -nzint -z &
    iprnsd -snews1 -p9051 -nrnstst          for the bdcast
    iprnsd -snews1 -p9052 -nrnstst -i       for the interactive

Version control
;2m3    08aug02 extranet - ignore x25 in this version pls
    ;c 28aug02 bug in interactive - not filling buffer
    ;d-h 02aug04 WINNT mcast and cleanups
    ;i-k 09nov06 bug in interactive resends for big files
    ;l-m2 29sep08 WIN2k overlapped io

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