Same as cat but stops on eof PC 032
 .. and converts single CR and CRNL and NL to single NLs
 .. unless flagged OFF

Input parameters are :
 - Mandatory
    filename    this must be the last parameter if there are several

 - Optional
    -e : character to stop          default: Cntrl Z
        remember to double quote if an escaped chr
        eg sffcat -e "\033" rubi.file
    -E : no end of file character       default: yes there is
    -S : end string             default: single end chr of CntrlZ
        This can be in FipSeq for unprintables.
    -f : strip the FipHdr from the file default: no leave it
    -F : Fortran line ends          default: no
        Fortran adds a two byte length at the front on a line
        in place of a CR or NL combination.
        Use this flag to convert to NL
    -H : ONLY save the FipHdr       default: leave original file
        ie ignore any data. For files with no FipHdr,
        this outputs just a start and end FipHdr
    -L : maximum length of the file     default: all
        -L 102020
    -d : Break out and Display DIME format  default: no
    -T : SII tape utility format        default: no
    -M : MACBIN - get just the data     default: no
        This will not translate the CR -> NL
    -D : display MACBIN header fields   default: no
        This ignores daylight savings for Mac Times
    -o : Output filename            default: stdout
        this name can be in FipSeq
    -t : no of secs - close and reopen file every x secs, def: no
    -X : do NOT translate eolns to NL   default: do
    -v : version and exit

For those switches with parameters, the parameter MUST be separated by a space.

Old Version had ..
    or filename WITH ANY 2nd PARAMETER - dont strip CRs or convert CRs to NL

EG for dime
    sffcat -E -X -d (input file) | more

Version Control
;11a5   01feb08 added -o outname and -t every and FipSeq ;3 fip_dequote
;10 10apr07 added -d
;09a    16may05 added -H
;08a    28may99 added -M and -D for macBin and -S for end string
;07  1jun98 added -T SII Tape Utility

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