This program checks Fip-type network connections

There are several different options:
    - no input switch : test all connections specified in sys/CHECK.FIP

Input switch : please specify only one
    -h :    help - shows available options
    -r :    test all REDUN connections
    -d :    test all DEST_REDUN connections and show primary servers
    -D :    show only DEST_REDUN primary servers
    -b :    test all BALANCE connections
    -B :    speed check - check throughput between two servers using BALANCE

For the first 3 options, the hostname and port are resolved (unless the -R do
NOT resolve is also specified), connected to and a small handshake takes place
to check if the relevant program on the remote server is running.

For the last option, a parameter file is used to specify which
connections/hosts to test - default is tables/sys/CHECK.FIP

In each case hostname can be the name or IP address of the server

    ; comment line

    fipnet:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check ip2net/ipxnet connection to port 9001

    balance:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check ipbalan/ipsvrd connection to port 9140

    w4:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check w4 web wires connection to port 80

    w4s:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check w4 web wires secure connection to port 443
        ** only of SSL is functional on your system

    formd:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check sffsvrd connection to port 80

    smtp:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check smtp connection to port 25

    tcp:(hostname) (port)
        Check raw tcp connection to port specified

    udp:(hostname) (port)
        Check raw udp connection to port specified

    http:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check default apache/IIS connection to port 80

    https:(hostname) [(optional port)]
        Check default apache/IIS secure connection to port 443
        ** only of SSL is functional on your system

    http-proxy-host: Hostname of Proxy HTTP server. default: direct connection
    http-proxy-port: Port Number of Proxy server.   default: direct connection

    proxy-is-squid: (yes/no) Use squid style HTTP syntax for traversing a
squid-like proxy server default: no

    http-proxy-logon: This is the logon and password to get thru the firewall
        if required. The format is (logon) (colon) (password) and is
        converted to base 64.

        To generate (use 'type' on Winnt and just 'echo' for other Unix) :
            echo -n "logon:password" | sffb64 -i
        eg  echo -n "chris:sleekpanther" | sffb64 -i
        gives   Y2hyaXM6c2xlZWtwYW50aGVy

    http-header: Extra header information in FipSeq
        default: http-header:Accept: * / *\nAccept-Language: en\nUser-Agent: Fippo

    ssl-method: (1,2,3,23,999)
        Version number to use for TLS/SSL       default: 999 for current default (2 or 3)
    ssl-password: (password)
    ssl-passwd: (password)                default: none
        Optional password if the handshake requires a shared secret
    ssl-cert: (name of a PEM certificate file)      default: none
    ssl-root-cert: (name of a root PEM certificate file)    defaunt: none
        Optional certificates - held in tables/ssl

Input Parameters are :
All are Optional
    -b : list and test all hosts in sys/BALANCE default: no
    -B : Remote BALANCE hostname to test        default: no
        This option tests the speed of a connection by sending X files of Y bytes to
this host
        by default X is 100 (files) unless modified by -t (no of files)
            Y is 10000 (bytes) unless modified by -T (filesize)
    -c : Timeout for TCP connections (balance etc)  default: 4 secs
    -C : Timeout for UDP connections (redun etc)    default: 4 secs
    -d : list and resolve all hosts in sys/DEST_REDUN default: no
        and check primaries
    -D : check which servers are primary in  DEST_REDUN default: no
    -h : help and stop
    -o : output file for results            default: none
    -r : list and resolve all hosts in sys/REDUN    default: no
    -R : do NOT resolve hostsnames via DNS      default: resolve
    -t : Number of files to send for the BALANCE speed test default: 100
    -T : Size of file in bytes to send for the BALANCE speed test   default: 10000
    -y : no of retries for TCP connections      default: 3
    -Y : no of retries for UDP connections      default: 3
    -z : Parameter file             default: sys/CHECK.FIP
    -v : print version no and exit

Version Control
;0i1-9   7nov12 chj added -B -t -T
;0h8     7apr08 chj original version ;6 8jan10 ssl redo

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.