Tail for NT

Input Parameters are :
    -r : reverse the file           default: no
        Not valid with '-f'
    -f : keep watching          default: no
    -99 : read that many lines      default: 20 lines
    -a : all the file please        default: 20 lines
    -o : output individual lines in this folder default: none
    -H : FipHdr fields to add to output default: none
    -t : scan time              default: 1sec
        maximum is 600 secs (ie 5mins)
    -x : output HTML end of lines.. for single shots only
    -v : version number and stop
    filename as last parameter OR read from stdin

For those switches with parameters, the parameter MUST NOT be separated by a

    cat $1 | sfftail -80
    sfftail -f /fip/log/ALL
    sfftail -f100 oinky

The maximum number of lines is 1000 to a maximum of 8000 characters.

The output line function will ONLY output new lines UNLESS -a or a number of
lines is specified.
The name of output file is 'SFFTAIL-(Date)-(Time)-(Seqno).fip'

Version Control
; 04a   31may05 added -x

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.