This program sits on the normal lpr port - port 515 - and pretends to be a
fully functional lpr deamon.

It allows ALL lpr traffic for a server to be sucked in and treated like an
incoming data stream like a wire service.

A small FipHdr is added with date and time fields, sender and receiver logons
before the file is passed on - normally to spool/2brouted for 'iproute' to sort

Note that on some flavours of Unix, 'lprwire' needs to be started by someone
with 'root' priviledges if the port number is less than 1024 - which port 515
normally is !

    lpr -Y -Pfip@(yourhost) (filename)

Input Parameters :
All Optional :
    -A : name of the archive file if not the -n name field  default: 'name'
    -c : the chrset of the source (SC header field)     default: ascii
    -C : always close the underlying socket         default: no
    -d : the name of a DUPLICATE wire where 2 copies of the same
        file is required (SD header field).     default: none
    -f : Extra FIP header information           default: none
        For fixed header info in FIP. eg -f #QA:AA#QB:BASIC
        As this flag is normally the last specified, its contents
        can be used to overwrite any unique fields such as DU, DP,
        SN etc.
    -h : hostname/internet address to select        default: systemname on boot
        for servers with more than one card/address
        To specify ALL ipaddresses on this box : '-h +'
    -n : Name of service (SU field)             default: LPRWIRE
    -o : Output folder in /fip/spool            default: spool/2brouted
    -O : Name of output format (DF field)           default: LPRWIRE
    -r : the name of a DIFFERENT routing table to 'name'
        (SR field : used by iproute)            default: name
    -s : same as -h
    -w : max timeout with no data               default: 60 secs
        ie between packets. Set to ZERO to disable or 10 (or more) secs
    -u : logon for files created if NOT that
        which was used to start 'lprwire'       default: same
    -Z : do NOT archive any incoming files      default: archive
    -v : Print the version number and exit
Version Control
;0e 23may00 original version ;d parse
    ;a-b tidy
    ;c speedy

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.