-f format
        -o output style - in dbl qutes
        -d input data

    sffdate -f dmcyht -o "Last \ZW was \ZD-\ZN-\ZZ" -d "12-1-1997 10:55"

    syntax :
        -f describes the order of raw data :
            d - day     1-31
            m - month   1-12
            y - year (last 2 digits only, must be after 1970)
            c - century 19 or 20 only
            h - hour    0-23
            t - minute  0-59
            x - padding ignore 2 digits
        each of these is a 2 digit number (or space digit)
        Any amount of spaces and non-digits can be between each bit :
            20th, 08 August in the Year of : 96
            are treated the same
        -o is the Parse string in FipSeq where Header fields are :
            ZD  - 1 or 2 digit day of month
            ZG  - 2 digit day of month with leading zero
            ZM  - 2 digit month
            ZY  - 2 digit Year  92
            ZZ  - 4 digit Year  1992
            ZW  - Day of week as in Monday, Tuesday etc
            ZS  - 3 chr Day of week as in Mon, Tue etc
            ZN  - Month as in January, February
            ZT  - 3 chr Month as in Jan, Feb, Mar etc
            ZJ  - Julian day of year
            ZH  - Hour 00-23
            ZI  - Hour 00-12
            ZT  - Minute 00-59
            ZU  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 24th for the day of the month
        plus ZA, ZB, ZC for Week of year x2 and Dow and ZP for AM/PM
        Note that actual Day and Month names depend on your LOCALE
        Default is "\ZW, \ZD \ZN \ZZ"
    Note that if any information is NOT supplied the run time date/time is used.

Version control
;0g 17jan97 chj original version
    ;a-e 10sep98 woops Aug 31 is a non-date, c for ZU-st, d for ZG/ZD
    ;f ffmin is a sol10-builtin

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