ipmgr  - Fip Installer

Installation points - UNIX
    0. beforehand
        - work out which partition to stick the system
            default is /fip
        - which logon will be used to run Fip
    1. make a temporary queue on a partition with enough room (df)
        copy contents of the Fip diskettes to this queue
        usually using tar :
        mkdir /tmp/wotho
        cd /tmp/wotho
        ..for each diskette ...
            tar xvf /dev/rfd0           (not solaris)
        or  tar xvf /vol/dev/rdiskette0/un*     (solaris)

    2. run fipinstall
        do NOT cd out of the temp queue before running fipinstall as it MUST be in
the same queue as all the other files.

    3. NOTE this does NOT setup crontab, .cshrc, startup which should be done
manually after

Input switches are :
    -install : install Fip on this machine  default: yes
    -microfip : install MicroFip on this machine    default: no
    -q : quiet install          default: noisy!
        do NOT show mkdir of all the folders
    -f : name of hostname for licence   default: `hostname`
    -H : IP address of host for licence default: `hostname`
    -j : (Win2k only) drive letter tp place /fip    default:prompts for drive
        An additional option -j0 will use the current drive
    -v : show version number and exit   default: no

Version Control
;001f14 19aug97 more on install - fiplick
    ;a 26feb98 WINNT better
    ;b/c 1mar99 cleanup
    ;d 05oct05 cleanup
    ;e 10aug06 -q back in
    ;f1-5 06dec09 multiple addresses for licence ; 27sep11 6-10 micro-fip
        ;1112 minor
;000a    7Jun95 Chris original version

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