sffpa printer (other ignored parameters)

Simple program to read in a file on standard input and stuff it in a file.

The program uses the first input variable as the name of a parameter file in
'/sffpa' forced uppercase. ie if the variable is 'hpsauce', the parameter file
is /sffpa/HPSAUCE.

If the parameter file is not found, the default one is used :

Keywords for the input file are :
    ; comment lines start with a semi-colon
        A unix path name in which we will stuff the file
        default: Name in lowercase under /sffpa/spool : /sffpa/spool/hpsauce
    filext: (extention for file)    - remember the dot if nec
        default: none
        eg  filext:.www
    script: (script name)
        Optional script to run after file has been created. The printer name then the
full path-and-name are added as the next two parameters to the script.
        eg. script:/sffpa/bin/bongos noise
        On 10 Jan 1997, 18:33:05, a file sent to the 'dribble' printer would run
script :
    /sffpa/bin/bongos noise dribble /sffpa/spool/dribble/dribble.19971010.183305

- Create /sffpa directory - it can be a link
- stuff at least SFFPA_DEFAULT into /sffpa
- add other printers

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