This program is used to process and convert binary files from an TGT server
into a visual data stream that can be editied or uploaded directly into a nice
data base.

As there TGT also send Status info  down the same channels, the ST header field
is searched and Texts file (ie that do not stat "FIN" or "PAGE") are sent back
to wheel with a new destination of TGTmsg

The input file is the raw TGT data.
The output file is normally in the format of :


However if you use the 'output-style:custom' parameter, a custom output line
can be processed. For this all the fields and data for each Stock is put into a
FipHdr structure and FipSeq is used to extract using the 'output-line'
This defaults to :

Note that 2 extra FipHdr fields are added 
    V8 - Epic
    V9 - Exchange Letter
    V7 - Page number for Page traffic
while all the other 2 letter codes are as per the TGT Topic 3 feed

A parameter file for the data is held in tables/setup and defaults to TGT.DATA.

Keywords for TGT.DATA parameter file are :
    ; comment line
    filename: New filename for output file in FipSeq
    outfmt: Name for the output format field, DF
    chrset: Name of the SC or Source chrset for xchgs
    sendq:  Output queue if NOT send to spool/2go for distribution
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    send-pageq: Output queue for Page traffic if NOT spool/2go
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    doneq:  Done queue for original files once sent - or 'delete' to zap
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    textdest: Destination for Text files - service messages, lists of valid
        magazines etc. This defaults to 'TGTmsg' and is be in tables/sys/USERS.
    pagedest: Destination for Page files once they have been processed.
        This defaults to 'TGTpageX' and is be in tables/sys/USERS.
    defdest: Default Destination for files if nothing is found
        the Fip DU field as per sys/USERS
    force: Force the Destination to ALWAYS go to this destination (DU)
    nohdr:  Do NOT add a Fip style header on the output file
    dbname: name of the database for FIN        default: FINO
    tablename: name of the table/stored procedure   default: TGT
    page-dbname: name of the database for PAGE  default: FINOPAGE
    page-tablename: name of the table/stored procedure for Page traffic
        default: TGT(pageno)

    output-style: singleline or custom      default: singleline
    output-line: FipSeq for output of an Epic   default: none
        To use output-line, 'output-style' must be custom.
    output-page-line: FipSeq for output of an Page  default: none
        To use output-page-line, 'output-style' must be custom.
    before: FipSeq of data to insert before data    default: none
    after:  FipSeq of data to insert after  data    default: none
    fiphdr: FipSeq of extra FipHdr fields       default: none
    screen-code:(hex code)  (string to add)     default: none
        Normally Screen modes for Page data is ignored - use this to transform colors

Some fields are not in the default TGT format of (sizebyte) (data).

To convert these properly, please check with the TGT doc and use one of the
following :

    ; reformat certain fields that have fractions etc in
    convnumber: ah,ak,al,ap,ay

    ; convert a binary number to display ie octal 321 -> 3 chrs "321" 
    convbin:    st

    ; convert a series of bits to an 8 chrs ie octal 003 -> "00000011" 
    convbits:   ii

    ; convert a page buffer field - usually ONLY PB
    convpage:   pb

    ; convert an TGT BYTE field - see DTD 6.27 for description of TGT Byte layout
    convbytetype:   SL,sy,sh,rt,rh

----- Notes -----
Default output format field (DF) is TGT.
Default chrset field (SC) is TGT.
Default send queue is spool/2go.

If no default destination is specified (defdest:) ...

----- Input Switches ----
All optional :
    -i : input queue                default: spool/xicv
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -z : parameter file in tables/setup     default: tables/setup/TGT.DATA
    -w : file wait for files arriving across a network. def: 10 secs
    -u : owner if not that of the logon     default: logon at start
    -l : do NOT log files in            default: log
    -x : do NOT strip fields with nothing in them   default: strip
    -V : topic version              default: current (6 as at feb08)
    -v : print version number and exit

Version Control
;2d2    01jun00 page traffic too
    ;a 04dec01 added screen formats
    ;b-c8 14jan08 tweaks for GlobalTopic ;c10 added K5-504=EV
    ;d 20sep08 for History stuff

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.