This program is used to receive files from New Afx editorial system.

A parameter file for the data is held in tables/setup and defaults to NED.

Keywords for NED parameter file are :
    ; comment line
    filename: New filename for output file in FipSeq
    outfmt: Name for the output format field, DF
    chrset: Name of the SC or Source chrset for xchgs
    sendq:  Output queue if NOT send to spool/2go for distribution
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    doneq:  Done queue for original files once sent - or 'delete' to zap
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    defdest: Default Destination for files if nothing is found in the
        'Routing' field - the Fip DU field as per sys/USERS
    force: Force the Destination to ALWAYS go to this destination (DU)
    date    : Delay and/or Limit dates are in absolute
            ie actual days/month like 16/03 for 16th March
            The default is relative dates : +1 for tomorrow
    maxdelay : Maximum number of days for Delay and Limit.
            This logs a message in the Item Log if the delay is
            longer. Without this parameter, files are NEVER delayed.
                        default: no delay
    olddelay :(no of days) If the Delay or Limit field is BEFORE the current
            date/time and within this period, send it immediately.
            default: ignored if no maxdelay, 60 days otherwise.
    logcopy: Logging Destination for a copy of ALL files (default none).
        This is an ordinary destination in sys/USERS to shoot back
        to the database. - It can also be a list of other dests too
        just to confuse you.
    delay-logcopy: ditto for DELAYed copy incase these need to be sent
        default is same as 'logcopy' which defaults to none.
    hdrcodes: (TagDest) (series of single letter Source Header fields)
        Define the format of the 2nd line.
        hdrcode:AFX B,Z,I,T
        will add fields XB, XZ, XI, and XT as the next four fields on that line.

The date/time line which is after the company lines and before the Story Header
is checked against the current time. If a second time/date is specified as in :
    31 Oct 96 12:39:07/31 Oct 96 12:45:20

and this time is in advance, FIP header fields DE for DELAY will hold the
date/time for when the file should be delayed before sending.

Default output format field (DF) is NED
Default chrset field (SC) is NED.
Default Source (SU) is XNED (unless overridden by -n)
Default send queue is spool/2go.
Default Priority is 3
The original destination code is in FipHdr SE.

---- NO Routing --------------------------------
If -R is not set (ie routing is enabled ), the DU is set to the default
(defdest) while SE is filled in with the original code.

---- Routing -----------------------------------
A routing file, tables/setup/NED.ROUTE has the format :
;   Routing table for NEw Edito Sys
tst yukodests hehe+leplep
where the searched-for string is 'tst' and valid destinations cover the rest of
the line. Theese destinations should be in the tables/sys/USERS file.

If no default destination is specified (defdest:) and there is nothing in the
NewEd 'Routing' field, it will be sent to a destination which is the last part
of the input queue name.

Where sections of FipHdr fields are required or changes to the output style,
use keywords : fixed, partial, combie, optional, repeat and/or style. (see The
SysAdmin manual for more information).

    They are normally specified :
        fixed:QZ    1234543
        partial:QT  ST,3,2,U,<,>
        combie:QY   ep|na,(0000000)a 
        option:QE   ep,11,7,s
        repeat:QK   XK,-,3  
    or  repeat:QP   PK,,4,#X
        style:QS    XN,%.03d

Input Parameters are :
either  -i : input queue            default: spool/xned 
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
or  -P : TCP Port               default: spooled
    -s : hostname if not the default
    -n : name of service            default: XNED
    -z : parameter file in tables/setup default: tables/setup/NED
    -r : routing file in tables/setup   default: tables/setup/NED.ROUTE
    -R : do NOT route any files. This
        assumes the files will be passed to 'iproute' for routing.
        ie use -R -o 2brouted
    -w : file wait for files arriving across a network. def: 8 secs
    -W : use .lock files and no waits   default: use filewait
    -u : owner if not that of the logon default: logon at start
    -l : do NOT log files in        default: log
    -o : output queue           default: spool/2go  
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
        This is overridden by the 'sendq' parameter if it exists.
    -D : Disable delay - all files to be    default: chk delay 1st
        sent immediately.
    -T : change default network timeout default: 60 secs
    -Z : run in secure mode (TCP only)  default: no
        the user must supply logon and password details which
        MUST match LANARK.LOGON in tables/setup
    -v : print version number and exit

Extel V7 fields are
    Line    Field Name  Fip Header field (if X?, it is part of the SH)
    1   Service Desig       XS  v7_S
        Service Number      XN  v7_N
        OriginCode      XO  v7_O
        Reference Field     XR  v7_R
        UniqueStoryNo       XU  v7_U
    2   Priority        XP  v7_P
        Correction Code     XY  v7_Y
        Service Code        XC  v7_C    * also the routing code
        SubjectCode.1-4     XB  v7_B
        CountryCode.1-4     XT  v7_T
        IndustryCode.1-4    XI  v7_I
        Examiner Code       XX  v7_X
        BenefitsCode        XZ  v7_Z
    3-7?    CompanyName.1-5     E?/F?/G?    v7_E
        Ticker.1-5      E?  v7_E
        Country.Reg.1-5     E?  v7_E
        Sedol.1-5       E?  v7_E
        ISIN.1-5        E?  v7_E
        Extel/Wang No       WA-F    v7_W
        (up to 15 companies lines)
    98  DateTime        EZ  v7_E
    99  Headline        HK  v7_K

Plus bit between MMMM and NNNN is FipHdr E9

Note the Headline is HK not the more usual XK.

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