ipz;./tweetwiressl -s -p 443 -n testtt -D | tee TTT1
proxy ??
cmd ??
NEED to stop if HTTP reso not 200

This program connects to Twitter.

It allows ALL Twitter traffic for a server to be sucked in and treated like an
incoming data stream like a wire service.

A small FipHdr is added with date and time fields, sender and receiver logons
before the file is passed on - normally to spool/2brouted for 'iproute' to sort

RoundRobin may be set for the output folder and also adds the RR FipHdr field

The program reads a parameter file in tables/wire which has the same name as
the '-n' service.
Parameters may be
    ; comment
    log-level:0,10,20                   default: 0
        0-errors only
        10-plus connects/disconnects
        20- files too
    log: Custom log line for files (in FipSeq)      default: filename, queue, size
    extra-pre : Extra Grab FIP header information       default: none
        Extar info to help fill in the url
        Same as '-h' input switch
    extra-fiphdr : Extra File FIP header information    default: none
        For fixed header info to add to the output file. eg #QA:AA#QB:BASIC
        As this flag is normally the last specified, its contents can be used to
overwrite any unique fields such as DU, DP, SN etc.
        Same as '-H' input switch
    dump-data:yes/no    Dump raw incoming data      default: no
    archive-name: Name of the archive file          default: same as Service
    max-round-robin: (no or 1-49)               default: no
        add a round-robin number to the output queue (same as -R)
        httphdr: Extra lines of HTTP header you may need.       default: none
                Remember to add a NL at the end of each line.
                There can be multiple httphdr lines but pls remember to add a
'\n' at the
                end of each one. (or you can try to force all on one httphdr
                eg      httphdr:Authorization: Basic AbGtGgbhpdOkOTE=\n
                        httphdr:User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0\n
                see below for 'useful, common header lines'
                ** ALL basic-authentication MUST BE HIGHER IN THE PARAMETER
FILE THAN httphdr OR proxy-logon

        basic-authentication: (fiphdr field) (logon:password)
                Build a FipHdr field with the BasicAuthentication formatted
                Pls remember to escape any funny chrs - like backslashes
                ** ALL basic-authentication MUST BE HIGHER IN THE PARAMETER
FILE THAN httphdr OR proxy-logon
                eg      basic-authentication:BA DOMMY\\zipple:Ardvark99
                        httphdr:Authorization: Basic \BA\n

        use-tls: no/yes
        use-ssl: no/yes
        use-https: no/yes
                Use Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) - also called HTTPS 
default: no
                If the url starts 'https://....' then this command is NOT
        ssl-method: (1,2,3,23,999)
                Version number to use for TLS/SSL               default: 999
for current default (2 or 3)
        ssl-password: (password)
        ssl-passwd: (password)                            default: none
                Optional password if the handshake requires a shared secret
        ssl-cert: (name of a PEM certificate file)              default: none
        ssl-root-cert: (name of a root PEM certificate file)    defaunt: none
                Optional certificates - held in tables/ssl

Plus the usual FipSeq - partial, filter, valid etc

Input Parameters :
    -s : hostname/internet address to select a test host    default: localhost
    -n : Name of service (SU field)             default: TWEETWIRE
    -p : port number of Twitter             default: 80
All others are Optional :
    -d : the name of a DUPLICATE wire where 2 copies of the same
        file is required (SD header field).     default: none
    -D : display connection and data (use only for debugging)   default: no
    -h : extra FipHdr info for the URL          default: none
    -H : extra FipHdr info for the File         default: none
    -I : wire Id use to denote which tweetwire if more than one. default: none
    -o : Output folder in /fip/spool            default: spool/2brouted
    -O : Name of output format (DF field)           default: TWEETWIRE
    -r : the name of a DIFFERENT routing table to 'name'
        (SR field : used by iproute)            default: name
    -R : Running Round Robin on the output folder       default: no
    -Z : do NOT archive any incoming files      default: archive
    -v : Print the version number and exit

Version Control
;000a   23sep12 original version

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.