Manual interface to the data formatting package

Allowable commands are :
    x go into test mode
    l look at log
    m look at log   - for 'form' items
    c check crontab - for items about to go
            - c all for ALL of root's crontab
    t look at the individual Parameter file in tables/form/text
            and show the contents
    p look at main form files in tables/form - PROCESS, SETTER, SETPAGE etc
    g go auto
    h help
    v version
    q quit

Input Switches - all optional (and rarely used)
    -B : full path of ipformbl if not default
    -F : full path of ipformat if not default
    -X : full path of ipxchg if not default
    -T : extra parameters for ipformat
        pls dbl quote these ..
    -f : hostname to use for the licence check  default: booted name
    -h : new hostname for the prompt        default: hostname
        Use this if your System Manager has given your UnixBox
        a name which is too verbose or meaningless.
    -H : force the IP address to use this      default: host addres
    -z : testname - go directly into test mode with this test
        form -z webshares

eg to show the data breakout
    form -T "-T"

For Tests ('-X' option), these are kept in tables/form/test.
The test file format (normally this is managed internally, but you can add
program-ipformat etc manually) is :
If there is nothing selected the parameter is set to '-none-'

    defque: (path to raw, input file)
    rawfile: (actual filename of the input file)
    param: (name of the parameter file in form/text)
    xchgin: (optional name of xchg-before in tables/xchg)
        If there is no xchg before, use '-none-'
        default -none-
    xchgout: (optional name of xchg-After in tables/xchg)
        default -none-
    job: (name of the optional JOB in tables/form/PROCESS)
        default -none-
    livedest: (fipDU in USERS file for sending a live test)
        default -none-
    copypath: (full path of a folder to copy data to)
        default -none-
    program-ipformat: (full path of ipformat program)
        NOT used for jobs.
        default: normal /fip/bin/ipformat
    program-ipformbl: (full path of ipformbl program)
        NOT used for jobs.
        default: normal /fip/bin/ipformbl
    program-ipxchg: (full path of ipxchg program)
        NOT used for jobs.
        default: normal /fip/bin/ipxchg

Version Control
;11i7   06jul01 WINNT why I dont know and jobs added ;a MACOSX
    ;b-d 20jan04 added -b and -f
    ;e-f 17mar06 WINNT again and added G
    ;g-h 16apr06 added -z testname
    ;i 11feb09 added program-ipformat and program-ipxchg ;2 percy_win added ;3
added -h licencehostname ;4567 minor
;010    29mar99 LINUX

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