make error message with all errors - send to FERRCHK
make param driven
add other crcs
add start/end/include/exclude strings


This program scans a directory and checks the incoming files for CRC errors.

If found the lines are stuffed into an error file and sent to an errdst
while the resultant file is flagged with the HE field as ERROR.

The HC header field contains the total number of records in the incoming file.

Input parameters are :
        Mandatory :
        -i : input queue            default: none
        -o : output queue                       default: none
        Optional :
    -d : replacement destinations       default: current DU
        This replaces the DU field.
        -t : scan time of directory             default: 5 secs
        -l : log every incoming file            default: do not log
    -P : preserve incoming file     default: strip CRC
        -v : display version number and exit.

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