Simple spooler program

The Input parameters are :
    Mandatory :
    -i : input queue to scan            default: none
    -o : output queue               default: file is deleted
        if the name of the queue is 'delete' the file is deleted.
Or  -p : Script/program to run          default: none
    Optional :
    -d ; do NOT delete the input file       default: delete it
    -x : Override any existing output file of the same name. default: no
    -k : script to run IF the original script timed out.
                            def: that prog is killed
    -l : log files thru             default: do not log
    -u : username or logon for file permissions default: starter
    -w : file wait time for it to stop growing  default: 5 sec
    -m : maximum time in secs to allow for a script. default: no maximum
    -v : print version number and exit
For those switches with parameters, the parameter MUST be separated by a space.

--- Notes ---
- For AIX 4.1 : If calling a script with the '-p' switch, the script MUST start
'#!' as the first 2 chrs or you will get Execlp error 8.
    eg: #! /bin/sh      for the bourne shell

SFFSPL uses a environment variable, SFF_ID, which must be set to the correct
scrambled egg code which any fippo can give you.
    setenv SFF_ID   zimzumzog

Other env varis can be used to define where the system is :
    SFF_HOME    where the home or top queue is.     default: /fip
            eg  setenv  SFF_HOME    /ripexpress/underware
    SFF_TABLES  where the parameter files are       default: (SFF_HOME)/tables
    SFF_INFO    where the help file/doc queue is    default: (SFF_HOME)/info
    SFF_LOG     where the log files queue is        default: (SFF_HOME)/log
    SFF_BIN     where the programs and scripts are  default: (SFF_HOME)/bin
    SFF_SPOOL   where the data queues are       default: (SFF_HOME)/spool
    SFF_TMP     where the tmp data queues is        default: (SFF_HOME)/x
            ie if spools are on /data99 which is hard disk /dev/sd0, you MUST also
            have the TMP queue on the same disk/partition

NOTE that for all BUT SFF_HOME, if the parameter starts with a '/' then it is a
hard, absolute path; if not then the spool area is under SFF_HOME.
    eg  setenv  SFF_SPOOL   /data7      will look under /data7 for queues
    while   setenv  SFF_SPOOL   data7       will look under /fip/data7

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