IPPC scans a directory, formats them for PC consumption and leaves them in the
output directory.  The filename is either PC-style or DEC (Atex) and any
supplementary information that the FIP filename is carrying is stuffed in the

Filename is stuck at the top of the header with "Original Filename:" in front.
The header is tailed with a '~'.

Note that IP2PC formats copy in a similar way using FIP header fields to
process each file and writing the resultant file to that described in the PQ
header field.

Input Parameters are :
    Mandatory :
    -i : input queue                default: none
    -o : output queue               default: none
    Optional :
    -h : zap the FIP header too         default: leave header
    -e : no CR/NL translation.          default: NL -> CR NL
    -t : scan time for the queue            default: 5 secs
    -x : overwrite old file             default: create new
    -d : give it an DEC (Atex) filename (6.3) ..    default: pc filename
        rather than pc (8 with no extention)
    -l : log all files through          default: do not log
    -r : For Mac files, make sure the resource fork is deleted
        If the 1st chr is not a '/', this is the pathname relative
        to the output queue ie -r .rsrc     default: none
    -v : version no and exit.

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