This program converts BRS style input files into the FIP style Library header.

Normally it works on a spooled queue - spool/brs2lib - and assumes the file is
being sent over the network - so applies a file wait of 10 seconds. The file is
processed and sent to spool/xchg with a filename of :
which will get 'ipxchg' to force the output file through the BRS2LIB xchg.
After the xchg, the resultant file is slotted into spool/2lib for processing bu

If the incoming filename has the syntax 'name@client', then a the DA field will
be filled in with the client name and the transmission sent to them alone.

Input parameters are :
        Optional :
    -1 : filename for a single shot (ie no spooling). def: spool
        This does NOT delete the input file.
        The output file is created as normal in the
        output queue.
        -i : input queue            default: spool/brs2lib
        -o : output queue                       default: spool/xchg
        -f : extra Fip header information   default: none
        -t : scan time of directory             default: 5 secs
        -x : name of xchg to use        default: brs2lib
        -X : name of next queue after xchg  default: spool/2lib
        -w : network wait time for files    default: 10 secs
    -p : print/display items thru       default: no
        -l : do NOT log every incoming file default: log
    -e : String used as End of Article  default: "..DUMP"
        Any text AFTER this is ignored until the Start string is
        encountered. To turn off, set to null string with "".
    -E : String of tags also considered Text. default: "..CAPT"
        Where you specify more than one, add a spc between
        and put double quotes around all.
        The tag MUST be 6 chars in length.
    -b : String used as Start of New Article. 
            default: "*** BRS DOCUMENT BOUNDARY ***"
    -S : do NOT strip multiple Spaces   default: do
        The default is to strip multiple spaces,
        end-of-lines etc within a TEXT element (ie Paragraph).
        -v : display version number and exit.

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