HANSBCK will dynamically change the Answer back of a Hasler Telex Box.

The Hasler Box MUST be powered off and on OR a Hard Reset via the front panel.
The Hasler/Ascom doc says all 4 LEDs must be ON.

You cannot run it after a Soft reset (ESC A)!!

    hansbck -s termsvr1 -p 2002 -n 123456 -a "FIP     G"

For the UK -
    Note that the telex number will be space-filled to 7 chrs
    and the Answerback MUSt be 8 chars - pad with spaces and enclose in dbl qtes

Input parameters are :
    Mandatory :
    -s : spider name            default: none
    -p : spider port number      default: none
    -a : answer back NAME for the Telex Box default: none
        .. and there must be one!
    -n : answer back NUMBER         default: none
        .. and there must be one!
    -v : print version number and exit

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