This program takes an incoming file (from any source but usually a wire
service) and puts it into none, one or several LIFE FSF files for copy tasting
on the Mac.

It uses a parameter file, which defaults to tables/setup/LIFE, to determine
where the file should be inserted.

The parameter file has the following syntax :
    ; comment
    wireid: (agency name) : (life id)
    from: (agency or agency selection)  section: (section name) fsf: (sizes)
    default-agency: (agency name)
    default-wireid: (lifeid)

Section keyword is the subqueue under the main path which will hold the FSFs.
The FSF sizes 
For example:
    from:apspt  section:sports  fsf:100,1000,5000   text:\XK

will check incoming copy for the DU FipHdr field and if that field includes
'sport' it is processed as per the section line. For these it will
create/manage the Remotefile in /fip/spool/life/sports, adding to FSF100,
FSF1000 and FSF5000. The 'agency' and 'baskets' resource forks are used to
determine attributes.

A text keyword may be (optionally) added to stuff text from header fields
(FipSeq) at the top of the file and RemoteView entry.

The default 'fsf'       is FSF100 only.
The default 'text'      is nothing.
The default 'topfile'       is spc Filename tab date time tab headline CRNL
The default 'catch'     is \XK or failing that the 1st line of text.

There can be one or more items in the DU header field eg :

The 'wireid' keyword is a duplication of the LIFE agency slot for the incoming
wire. It should match exactly that file.

The 'default-wireid' is the number of the default id used when there is NO
FipHdr SU.

Input parameters are : all optional :
    -i : queue to scan          default: spool/2life
    -o : output path            default: spool/life
        This is the top level path for entries in the parameter file
    -d : done queue for input data      default: none
        Use this to make a copy of all data files passing through
        If the queue does NOT start with a '/' it is assumed
        to be under /fip/spool
    -f : time difference macs/sparc in hours.default: 0
    -t : scan time of directory     default: 2 secs
    -l : log each msg in            default: do NOT log
    -e : NewsEditor Type 2          default: 9
    -E : NewsEditor Type 1          default: 9
        (note : Type 1= fixed, 2=variable, 9 = Version 9.12)
    -z : parameter file         default: setup/LIFE
    -v : display version number and exit.

Version Control
;4g 16aug97 V9.12 mods - -v9 is now the default
        ;a 29jan98 added -d for donque
        ;b/c  5feb98 added maxFILESIZE of 27000
        ;d 20oct00 added default-wireid and better logging and widgets
        ;e-f 1jun09 tidyup and added procmori

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