Sits on a port..
        .. waits for a connection
        .. opens the other connection
            .. passes data thru until one side stops
            .. pulls down both

Input switches :
Either  -s : TCP host to connect to         default: none
    -p : TCP port number to connect to      default: none
Or  -O : display data received from the other   default : no
        host/port on stdout. (stdin is ignored)

    -S : device if sx25 or px25 or ttyport      default: hostname
        or alternate hostname
    -P : port number of the port to listen on   default: none

    -L : log to the screen all Connections/Disconnections and Pkts
    -n : name of this service for logging purposes  default: 'passthru'
    -w : sleep in milliseconds when there       default: 300
        was no data (ignored for sx25 and px25)
        (ps milli means 1000 = 1sec !)
    -W : sleep in secs when there WAS data sent
            default: 3 for sx25 and px25
            default: 0 for othes
    -I : add x25 remote and localnumbers        default: no
        This sends a single line on connection for x25
        (syn) "X25" (pipe) (remoteno) (pipe) (localno) (pipe) (nl)
    -B : Speed of the line in bps to pace outgoing data where the flow
        control is unreliable          default: 0 for no pacing
        eg  -B 9600
    -1 : Single Shot - exit after a single connection   default: continue
    -D : Create a dump/log file in /fip/dump of the data    default: no

    -v : print version number and exit

Version Control
;2j3    06mar01 added -O
    ;a-c 11may01 added dump and 7 bit debugging
    ;d-j2 02nov04 for WINNT/TCP version
;001d   16feb01 chris added sx25 etc
    ;a/b 23feb01 added -I for the connection details
    ;c/d 27feb01 added speed -B
;000    20nov98 chris orry vershun

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