Generate an MD5 signature from a file.

Or add an FTidc checksum on the end of each line
    -Z F    - file has an IPTC header
    -Z f    - no IPTC header on file

Input Variables :
    -i : file           no default
    -o : output file        default is to display only
    -t : trailing seperator before the chksum (for FTidc)
                    default: none
    -Z : type           default: md5
        either nothing for md5 chksum
        or 'f' for FTidc chksum
    -v : display version and exit

for FTidc
    sffmd5 -i formsave/TURO.prefmt -o formsave/TURO.fmt -Z f -t "\\"

Version Control
;001b   04jul06 chris added ft idc checksum generation

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