Ths proggy is used to insert End_of_lines sequences (like CR NL) at the last
space or break point within a fixed line length.

It can also be used to replace CR or CRNL sequences with a fixed end of line

Break point chrs are normally a SPC which by default is stripped, and 2 series
of chrs for break-after and break-before.

Input Parameter are :
    -a : break point chrs ; break after default: !?),-
        enter control chrs as \003 format
    -b : break point chrs ; break before    default: tab(
    -c : chg all eolns to this FipSeq   default: leave as is
    -f : force eolns to this FipSeq     default: CR NL
    -l : max line length            default: none
    -x : do NOT strip spc on SPC CR NL during force default: strip
    -p : File is a PC/DOS/Windows fiel and ends on a ^Z. def: no
    -v : version number and stop
For those switches with parameters, the parameter MUST be separated by a space.

Note that -c and -f parameters will need double quotes when used in scripts etc
    cat $1 | sfffmt -l 80 -f "\n" > $delo

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