Recognises Word and QPS Copy Desk files and extracts just the text

Parameter file in tables/setup defaults to XWORD.

Parameters :
    ; comment line
    preserve-incoming-fiphdr:   If the incoming file has a fiphdr, preserve it.
                default: no
    nofiphdr:   DO NOT add a fiphdr to the the top of the file.
                default: do
    extra-fiphdr:   Extra Fip Hdr information.
                default: none
    destination:    Fip Destination DU to send the file to.
                default: 'xword'
    chrset:     Fip Hdr SC for Soure Chrset set.
                default: word
    leave-cr:   Leave CRs in the text and do NOT map to NL.
                default: map CRs to NLs.

Input parameters are : all optional :
    -i : queue to scan          default: spool/xword
    -o : output queue           default: spool/2go
    -d : done queue for the input file. default: file is deleted
    -r : Path to Mac ResForks if found  default: nothing
        The resfork will be moved to a done queue if found
        and zapped from the input queue.
        Eg for EtherShare   -r .rsrc/
    -w : file wait for network files    default: none
    -t : scan time of directory     default: 3 secs
    -l : do NOT log each msg in or out  default: log
    -z : parameter file         default: setup/XWORD
    -v : display version number and exit.

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