Up to 30000 fields may be added

Parameter file

    chr: (input chr)    (chr or string to output in FipSeq)
    style-field-no: (number)
        the field containing the style name which is defined in 'miles-style'.
        default is field 21


    column-width: in points                                 default: 81
    cms-2-points: factor for converting Cms to Points       default: 28.3464
    points-per-line: factor for number of points per line   default: 61

    plus normal widgets

for styles
    miles-style: (style name)   start: (FipSeq) toroman: (FipSeq) tobold: (FipSeq)

for extra fiphdr fields..
    fiphdr:(2 letter code)      data: (FipSeq)

for each field ...
    field: (sequence no)    type: (code)
    field: (sequence no)    type: (code)    fiphdr: (2letter code)

    field:27    type:chars  fiphdr:AA

For Single file containing all editions and insertions
    multiples:  pubcode:1001    pubdate:1002

Types are :
    size    no of text blocks
    date    date field
    number  number
    money   money field (2 dec places)
    chars   string of characters (default)
    time    time field

Extra FipHdr fields are added automatically for :
    MX  width in points
    MY  height in points

Input Switches

Input parameters are : all optional :
    -i : Queue to scan                  default: spool/xmiles
    -o : Output queue                   default: spool/2go
    -d : Done queue for raw file        default: file is deleted
    -D : 2nd Done queue for raw file    default: file is deleted
    -m : multiple output files pls      default: single file
        each containing a single edition/insertion
    -M : do NOT ignore non-N status inserts for single-file
    -t : scan time of queue             default: 3 secs
    -l : do NOT log each msg in or out. default: log
    -S : do NOT strip duplicate spaces in Text fields   default: strip
    -w : file wait                      default: none (0 secs)
    -z : parameter file                 default: setup/XMILES
    -v : display version number and exit.

Note that Doc says the end field is 739 but it looks like there are 2 (??) text
blocks at 864 and 865 and the insert data starts at 866.

Version Control
;0q  6sep99 chris original version
    ;d-19nov99 minor mods
    ;e-01dec99 minor mods
    ;f-09dec99 woops yr 2000 is 1900
    ;g/h-05jan00 add 1 second wait on new file and buffer size
    ;i-10jan00 - woops upped no of fields to 30000 and BUG in memory
    ;j-13jan00 added single file containing all Editions and insertions
    ;k-21jan00 minor mods
    ;l-n-09feb00 for all-insertions-in-single file, check status
    ;o 24may03 added -D for 2nd done queue
    ;p 18aug04 redid split into fields

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