loop around data - split into lines
    E1-> E10
check flsep is > 5 and < 600
track days
need to cache last access point....
params - style file .... or template
strparse - filenames and folders - iIoO


Continually checks the custom logging file


and processes messages accordingly

There may be an optional parameter file residing in tables/sys - normally
called LOGMONITOR. The syntax for this is :
    ; comment

    all the other lovely FipSeq commands like 'replace', 'newdate' etc.

Each message is split into FipHdr fields E0 to E9

For the standard

    UnixTime | Date | program | flag | errno | msg1 | msg2
    E0   E1 E2  E3  E4  E5  E6

so a template-style could be :
    template-style:Program \E2 noted the following incident at \QH:\QN on
\QD-\QM-QY : \E5 \E6
    ; use partial to split up the date field.
    partial:QY  E1,1,4
    partial:QM  E1,5,2
    partial:QD  E1,7,2
    partial:QH  E1,9,2
    partial:QN  E1,11,2

Input switches
    =i : input folder           default: log/saves
    -I : input filename         default: (date).fiplog
    =o : output folder          default: spool/2go
    -O : Output file name           default: horrible long name
    -t : scan time              default: 10sec
        minimum is 5 secs
        maximum is 600 secs (ie 5mins)
    -z : parameter file in /fip/sys containing  default: none
        items that FipSeq loves especially 
        'fixed', 'partial', 'repeat',
        'combie', 'style' 'replace' and 'newdate'
    -v version number and exit

(copyright) 2017 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.