This program formats pager messages into UCP60 and optionally sends to a TCP
host or an X25 address or ready for emailing.

It Uses DG as group code - default is 'all' to send the one file to a number of

The FipHdr field DI contians the Headline - which is generally the thing we
want to send.

(newDG and newDI can be used to change these - or make a combie... )

If email is used, the pager mailaddress is stuffed in the FipHdr DA

Up to 5000 subscribers may be added

Parameter file in tables/setup, by default called SMS, has the following syntax
    ; comment line

    extra-fiphdr:   extra fiphdr information (used for email/file output only)
    x25-address:    for x25 only
    mail-address:   for email/file output only
    mail-dest:  for email/file output only  default:toSms
    default-headline: Default Headline is there is none default: none
    newDI:      FipHdr to use that contains the Headline/Subject
    newDG:      FipHdr with the group to compare to the table specified below
    chr:        One to one chr translation (there can be many chr:)
            chr:\301    [
    sms-logon:  Weirdy UCP60 string in FipSeq for the TCP logon.
    sms-header: Weirdy UCP60 string in FipSeq for the msg header.
    max-headline-length:Max size of data to send    default to 256
    poll_for_ack:   No of seconds to wait for Ack from TCP server default:30

for each pager ...
    group:allpagers number:123456
or  group:allpagers number:123456   fixed:"Hi, This Is a Test"
or  group:allpagers number:123456   mail:abc@mailer.com

Input Switches

Input parameters are : all optional :
    -s : remote hostname, if using TCP  default: use x25
    -p : remote port, if using TCP      default: use x25
    -i : Queue to scan          default: spool/2sms
    -o : Output queue           default: spool/2go
    -d : Done queue for raw file        default: file is deleted
    -t : scan time of queue         default: 3 secs
    -l : do NOT log each msg in or out  default: log
    -z : parameter file         default: setup/SMS
    -v : display version number and exit.

Version Control
;001f   23jan03 added TCP/SPIDER
        ;e 05feb03 added 'poll-for-ack:'
;000     6sep98 chris original version

(copyright) 2017 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.