This program is used to simulate an data feed. It reads a single archive log
and sends files at regular intervals. When it reaches the end of the file, it

Each new file is sent to Terminal server/Port where a wire/vwire/pwire/zwire
will be listening.

Generally it is used to tune VWIRE files.

Input Parameters :
    Mandatory :
    -n : name of dump file              default: none
    -s : host name                  default: none
    -p : port no on the host            default: none
    Optional :
    -f : wait between connection attempts if    default: 10 secs
        host/program is offline.
    -i : interval between sending packets       default: 1 secs
    -L : display on the screen          default: no
    -S : spool - do NOT stop at end of dump file    default: stop at end
        and restart at the beginning
    -W : Wait string                default: none
    -w : wait if wait string encountered        default: 10 secs
    -v : print version no and exit

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