This program is used to simulate an data feed. It reads a single archive log
and sends files at regular intervals. When it reaches the end of the file, it

Each new file is sent to the queue spool/2brouted for program IPROUTE to
process as a standard input.

It can be used to imitate either an incoming wire service or an outgoing
service. The files created are exactly as the original - both text and header.

The archive file is held in log/data and has the format :
Note that unix belives Jan1 is day 0 so remember to subtract one from your
total. Or in IP, the MUI, a 'j' command will give you today's date (j -2, for
2days before).

The files can either be sent out at regular fixed intervals - which is the
default (every 10 secs) - or can be sent at the same pace as they arrived and
where stored in the Archive log.
    The latter is triggered by the '-t' input switch which can be :
        -t 0        : Start sending all the files as from midnight
        -t -1       : Start sending as though the time was now
                ie if it is 14:35, Send all files from 14:35
        -t 21:35    : Start sending as though the time was 21:35 
This option also cycles through to the next Archive at midnight or stops if
none found.

Input Parameters :
    Mandatory :
    -n : name of log file               default: none
    -d : julian date of log file            default: none
    Optional :
    -o : output queue in spool          default: 2brouted
    -q : queue where the log files reside       default: log/data
    -l : log as each file is sent           default: no
    -L : log and display on the screen      default: no
    -i : interval between sending files     default: 10 secs
    -r : flag these files as resends        default: no
    -s : single shot - stop at end of log file  default: loop
    -t : Start Time. This option forces the program to use the Time of
        Arrival for each file in the Archive from the Start Time.
        Ie wait between files is the difference between incoming times.
        This overrides the 'interval'.      default: no
    -T : Start Time. Start the Archive from this time but still use
        the interval time.          default: from beginning
    -v : print version no and exit

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