Fax sends text files via a DCE faxbox. It uses two queues, out and occ, under
another queue in spool.

A banner can be applied to each new file which can be either a file header or a
fax cover sheet.

Each page will have a page heading giving the source and page number.

If a destination is busy, files are automatically sent to the occupied queue 
(occ) and retried at the a further 5 times at 10 minute intervals as per CCITT

If it still has not gone the file is 'woopsed' to the intercept queue for the
system operator to handle.

Input parameters are all mandatory and are :
    -s : spider name            default: none
    -p : spider port number         default: none
    -n : name of this service       default: none
    -q : queue in spool to use  this is normally the customer name
        default: 'fax' giving a scan queue of spool/fax/fax/out
    -v : print version number and exit

Environment variables are for example :
    FIP_FAX_QUE gdn
        This gives a queue to scan as spool/fax/gdn/out.
    FIP_FAX_PAGE    "The Evening News"
        The page heading.
    FIP_FAX_BANNER \n^j0\n\033EFrom The Tuebrook Bugle, London ZZ1 3ER\r\n"
        The transmission starter.
    FIP_FAX_LOG no
        Where we do NOT want log files being created.

It also uses FIP_ROMAN, FIP_BOLD and FIP_NOTES env variables to flash messages
in the log file.

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