IP2PC scans a directory, formats incoming files for PC consumption and leaves
them in the output queue given by the PQ header field.  The filename is either
PC-style or DEC (Atex) or MAC. Any supplementary information that the FIP
filename is carrying is stuffed in the header.

Filename is stuck at the top of the header with "Original Filename:" in front.
The header is tailed with a '~'.

Note that IPPC formats copy in a similar way using FIP header fields to process
each file and writing the resultant file to that described in the PQ header

Input Parameters are :
        Optional : 
        -i : input queue                                default: spool/2pc
        -h : do NOT zap the FIP header                  default: zap header
        -e : no CR/NL translation.                      default: NL -> CR NL
        -t : scan time for the queue                    default: 5 secs 
        -x : overwrite old file                         default: create new
        -d : give it an DEC (Atex) filename (6.3) ..    default: pc filename
                rather than pc (8 with no extention)
    -r : Path for the MAC resfork. Note that a trailing '/' is required.
        If the 1st chr is not a '/', this is the pathname relative
        to the output queue ie -r .rsrc     default: none
    -m : Mac file - Add resource fork       default: no
    -f : 8 chr type for resource fork       default: TEXTttxt
    -F : Template for Mac resource fork     default: none
    -u : owner if not that which started ip2pc  default: logon of window
    -l : do NOT log all files through               default: log all
        -v : version no and exit.

Note that  for Nfsshare :
    -r %
    -F mac/RESFORK
    -f TEXTttxt
    -u hyphen

Input parameters are overridden by header fields.

Header fields acceptable are :
    PQ:     destination queue for resultant file (MUST HAVE)
    PH:/XPH:    leave/zap header
    PT:/XPT:    Eoln translation to CR NL/no trans pls
    PS:/XPS:    supercede/increment if existing
    PFD:        atex/dec filename NOT pc (default pc)
    PFP:        pc filename
    PFM:        mac filename
    PO:     owner's logon
    PM:     mac type (4 chrs)

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