This is the background admin server used to act on commands from data on a Fip

It is normally placed in the SYSTEM file and forgot about.

There is also a Parameter file - just for FipSeq called tables/p4/P4ADMIN. This
allows the Kill message to be changed. (FipHdr Y9).

Input switches are (all optional) :
    -l : do not log requests and connections    default: log
    -d : top path                   default: /p4
    -P : Port no to receive messages on     default: 9200
    -v : print version number and quit      default: no

Program 'ipbalan' is polling a queue on the Notes Server and sends any incoming
message to 'ipp3adm' on (normally) 3 machines - main, backup, disaster site.

There are 10 types of XML tags we can receive :
    C1. Device Definition
    C2. Process Definition
    C3. Pipeline Definition
    C4. UFB Definition
    C5. Setup   - from Finsbury
    C6. Setup Log   - back to Finsbury - (if input to Fip ignored)

    O1. Page List
    O2. Pair List
    O3. Transmit List
    O4. User Input  - from Finsbury
    O5. Event Log   - back to Finsbury - (if input to Fip ignored)

Version Control
;02b    10feb10 for p4
;01q    09dec99 added binary files
    ;a 01jan00 bug in Page Promote - do not override same file
    ;b 22feb00 added D8 for USE_DATA_FILE_FOR_INPUT
    ;c/d/e 08mar00 same as 01jan00 bug !!!
    ;f 17may00 minor cosmetic - no message if KILLSTOP and now page so far
    ;g 02jun00 minor cosmetic - wipe list is '&' to run in background
        as TMOS takes ages to finish.
    ;h 24aug00 if page promoted-to is Deleted, also take out the entry
        in the 'override' file of the 'promoted-from' page
    ;i/j/k 13dec00 added output to FTP and upped the buffer size
    ;l 29apr02 added KILL_PRINT and MESSAGE
    ;m 10jul02 buggette in Circular promotes...
    ;n 10oct02 Kill file msg is now a FipSeq file in tables/p3/P4ADMIN
            and added widgets
    ;o-q 10sep03 added message/YM to kicks (q YM->Y8)

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