Peek is the NLDM, the non-destructive line monitor. It watches any incoming
rs232/v24 service and displays the last 1k of data plus dates and times of the
last file through plus the current status.

Normally it is started from IP the FIP User interface or MUI, but it can be
started from the command line. If so inputs can be :
    -p : port no
    -n : name (currently the name in the x/SYSTEM file NOT -n name)

Generally only one of the above needs to be specified.

You can also modify the following either on input or after you have started by
hitting ControlC

    -b : bits (if 5, automatic translate to ascii)  default: 7
    -t : no of secs between scans           default: 6 secs
    -c : show control chrs as octal numbers     default: shown as '~'
    -1 : display once and stop
    -v : print version no and quit

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