This is the background server for IPBOX when used to access data on the Atex
j11 via gateway.

It is normally placed in the SYSTEM file and forgot about.

Please put in the same group as 'ipgtwy' so that it can turned off and on when
Gateway is started/stopped.

Input switches are (all mandatory) :
    -j : Path to the J11            default:/Atex/commgr/box
        This must be with Header and Binary.
    -l : log requests and connections   default: no
    -P : Port no to receive messages on default: 9130
    -q : softquad string            default: \r
        This can be any FipSeq. If embedding escape chrs
        like '\', put between double quotes -q "\r\n"
    -m : minimum number of lines        default: 0 for just filename
        eg -m 1
    -v : print version number and quit  default: no

IPSVRGTW uses environment variables and input switches on starteup to override
its defaults :
if necessary, the characters which are considered End-of-Line and End of Words
    FIP_GTWY_EOLN      End of Line chrs default: \002\003\004\005

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